Quetta is the capital in Balochistan, the biggest and westernmost province in Pakistan with international borders to Iran and Afghanistan. The town is situated in a big oasis between almost bare mountains and deserts. The town has a big PAF airbase, a cantonment and also hosts the Pakistani UN training centre. The PAF base let old MIGs over fly the town all day. Desert-climate: Always dry and big deviations in temperature.


Flight from Islamabad 4 times a week and daily flights from Lahore
5-6000 PKR for a round ticket at Lords Travel.


Hotel Bloom Star near the railway station has singles with hot water and Pakistani lavatories for 300 PKR and 120 PKR extra for a heather (recommendable in winter).

A rickshaw from the airport should be about 60 PKR and a taxi double. This hotel is able to confirm PIA-tickets for the return (must be done 72 hrs in advance).
Ph: 081833350


There isn't much to see. My purpose of going there was to practice soaring (glider flying) which currently could only be done in this spot in Pakistan.


The runway used for soaring is located in the cantonment and as this is outside the mission area you need a special permit to enter the area. I wasn't able to arrange a clearance neither through the soaring club nor through PALO.

Ph: 081822824 - Quetta soaring Club
Mr. Murntaz, Chief Instructor


Courtesy Poul Guldbaek