Trip done in June 2000
Day 0: Pindi-Peshawar

Pindi - Peshawar : + coaster from Committee Chowk;
+ there are busses till at least 22.00 Hr.

Peshawar : + Hidayat hotel
- close to the bus station;
- clean;
- only cold water.

Day 1: Peshawar Chitral

Peshawar - Chitral : + PIA flight
- recommended;
- ticket and confirmation done by the trekking organization;
- 2525 PKR one way.

Chitral :
+ hotel Chinar Inn
- quiet garden;
- you can get all meals;
- hot water in the morning and on request;
- clean.
+ registration obliged and you need your passport.
+ Shahi Masjid ( recommended ), the bazaar (cosy) the fort were visited.

Day 2-7: Trekking in Kalash Valley and national Gol Parc

Trekking organisation:
+ Fida Hussain, focass@hotmail.com, PO Box 170, GPO Rawalpindi, Tel 051/506948.
+ the guide is rather inexperienced : the part in the Gol Parc was the first time for him, in the beginning there were too little porters, we did a couple of times very dangerous things;
+ the trek was rather cheap : 42,5 US dollar based on two persons;
+ the guide lives in the Chitral valley;
+ during the trek there were no major problems.

Course of the trekking :
+ Chitral - Gumbak (jeep) - Acholgah;
+ Acholgah - Rumbur;
+ Rumbur - Chimersan;
+ Chimersan - Gokshal : pretty though;
+ Gokshal - passed Kasavir : more than twenty river crossings;
+ Kasavir - Merin - Birmogh Lasht (jeep) - Chitral (jeep).

Day 8: Chitral - Peshawar and visit of Darra Adam Khel

Darra Adam Khel: 
+ no permits are given or required, you just have to try and see what happens
+ can be reached from Peshawar by Hi-Ace;
+ we were not sent back and were guided by a local police man who asked some money;
+ the fabrication of the weapons is interesting.

Day 9: Peshawar and Khyber Pass

Khyberpass: Everything arranged through PDTC (permit, guard, jeep,...) : price 1900 Rs plus a meal to pay to the driver and the guard. Ask to stop at the Islamic College.

Bula Hisar fort: you can visit it probably every Saturday.

Khan Klub: very pleasant to take a meal. Go to the toilet on the top floor, so you get a good impression of the building.

That day, we visited also the old part of the town.

Day 10: Peshawar Pindi

In the museum, 100 Rs is asked to bring in a photo camera.

You can go back to Pindi by train, but pay attention to the type of train: there are express trains, who takes three to four hours, but the trains who stop everywhere take more than eight hour.
Courtesy Geert Debel