Last updated on 03 July 2001
At an elevation of 1,454 meters lies the Gilgit valley.
The quaint little town of Gilgit has spectacular scenery beauty.
It s a heaven for seekers of solitude and peace.
The peak tourism season is from May to mid-October
though the tourist season is round the year. The maximum
temperature in May is 33°C and the minimum 16°C and
in September: maximum 28 and minimum 10.


PIA has two daily flights (PK-605 and PK-607) at respectively 0600 and 0630 AM from Islamabad to Skardu.  On Mon, Tue, Fri and Sat there is an extra flight at 0920 AM (PK-611). The return flights are scheduled at 0730 and 0800 AM (PK-606 and PK-607). The extra flight is at 1050 AM (PK-612). Price one way is 2500 PKR.

Gilgit is also accessible by road from Islamabad/Rawalpindi by the Karakoram Highway. Rawalpindi to Gilgit via Swat is 753 km and takes 17 hours by jeep; Rawalpindi to Gilgit via Thakot: 656 km and 12 hours by jeep; Rawalpindi to Gilgit via the Babusar Pass 592 km and 20 hours by jeep.

Regular air-conditioned coach, bus, coaster services operate during tourist season on the Karakoram Highway between Rawalpindi and Gilgit from the following places:

Flashman’s Hotel, Rawalpindi - PTL Coach Service
Pirwadhai Bus Stand, Rawalpindi - NATCO Bus Service

NATCO buses depart from Gilgit to Rawalpindi at 0900 AM, 0100 PM, 0300 PM (Airco), 0400 PM (Airco), 0500 PM, 0700 PM, 0900 PM. Travel time is 15 Hr and the rate: 410 PKR – 460 PKR (deluxe)

SILK ROUTE deluxe buses depart from Gilgit to Rawalpindi at 0830 AM, 0430 PM, 0530 PM. Rate: 510 PKR


Rupal Inn Gilgit ****
Tel: 0572/55161, 0572/55846-48
Fax: 0572/2376
Single at 1000 PKR, Double at 1500 PKR
Single deluxe at 1800 PKR, Double deluxe at 2500 PKR
(Spec Rates UNMOGIP)
Breakfast 175 PKR, Lunch 260 PKR, Dinner 280 PKR
(free Transport from Airport)

Gilgit Serena Hotel****
Tel: 0572/55894-7
Fax: 0572/55900
(free Transport from Airport)
Single at 2700 PKR, Double at 3200 PKR (Spec Rates UNMOGIP)
Breakfast 240 PKR, Lunch 350 PKR, Dinner 350 PKR

PDTC Chinar Inn
Tel: 0572/2562, 4267
Fax: 0572/2650
Single at 1050 PKR, Double at 1400 PKR
Single deluxe at 1370 PKR, Double deluxe at 1650 PKR

Situated just opposite Chinar Bagh and the uprising memorial close to the river. Clean rooms with attached bathroom. Deluxe rooms have TV. Nice garden en good service.

Palace Hotel Gilgit
Madina Market Main Bazar
Tel: 0572/2266
Price: 1800 Rs

Park Hotel
Tel: 0572/2379, 3379, 2479
Fax: 0572/3796
Single at 300 PKR, Double at 500 PKR
Single deluxe at 450 PKR, Double deluxe at 700 PKR
Single suite at 750 PKR, Double suite at 1000 PKR



Six Km from Gilgit town (track start behind the Bazaar) is a beautiful rock engraving of Buddha carved out of the rugged mountainside at the mouth of the Kargah nullah. It probably dates from the 7th century AD.  Following the left side of the nullah you will arrive in Napur village with the ruins of a monastery, a stupa and a cave were the Gilgit manuscripts were found.


In lower Bank Rd is an overgrown old graveyard, surrounded by barbed wire. Among those buried here is Captain George Hayward (read “The Great Game”), a British explorer murdered in Yasin by a son of Gohar Aman. Ask the key of the cemetery in the shop across. (Credit to Lonely Planet)


The bridge over the fast-flowing Gilgit River is the largest suspension bridge in Asia (182 m long and 2 m wide permitting enough room for one jeep at a time to cross).


A victory monument of Taj Mughal, built 700 years ago, is a 20 Km jeep drive from Gilgit town.


The streams and lakes of Gilgit are full of trout. These are at Kargah Nullah 9.6 km from Gilgit, Singal 56 km, Gakuch 73 km and Phundar 177 km from Gilgit. Permits for fishing are issued by the Assistant Director, Fisheries, Government of Pakistan, Gilgit. The permit fee is Rs. 40 to Rs. 150 per day. Fishing rods can be hired (Rs. 40 per rod per day) from the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation Motel, Chinar Inn, Gilgit.


Hunza valley is reached by jeep from Gilgit. A day tour to Karimabad costs 1800 PKR. Main attractions are the Baltit and Altit forts. See Hunza page.


Jeep tour to Naltar lake are possible and can be booked through the PDTC. See page Naltar Lake.


Jeeps can be hired from the PTDC Chinar Inn, Gilgit. The charges are based on the mileage plus a fixed charge per day. Pickups and drops are charged merely on mileage basis even if the distance is less than 50 miles.

Local cargo jeeps (capacity 5 to 6 persons) ply between Gilgit, Hunza and other places in Diamar, Ghizar Districts and Skardu. They can be hired from Indus Market, Jamat Khana Bazaar and Raja Bazaar.

Following tour companies rent jeeps:

Jasmine Tours
Tel: 572-2457, 3739

Mountain refuge
Tel: 572-2505, 3134