Hushe Valley is located north of Khap(a)lu (East of Skardu) and South of Mt Masherbrum (7821m). From Hushe Village many trekking-paths leave with options for one-day trips, a few days and also the 10 days trip across glaciers with a view of K2.

Getting there and getting away again: Between Skardu and Khaplu there are two daily busses; less than 100 PKR and three police checkpoints included - 3 hours. Alternatively try to synchronize it with the Q-teams visit to the unit in Khaplu. In Khaplu it's possible to stay in hotels of different quality and price.

From Khaplu to Hushe one must find a local jeep. In 2000 the bridge halfway (near Kande) was broken, but the locals had established a walkable bridge, which one was allowed to pass for 20 PKR. On the other side it's possible to find another jeep; each jeep cost me 100 PKR. In case of rain there will most certainly be landslides, which causes the jeep-traffic to stop for a day or two.


In Hushe there is a Camping and some "hotels". It's recommended to bring a sleeping bag; the standards are low. In Khaplu there is a nice hotel on the main road east of the town -1200 PKR/night.


Also found in Hushe is the last policeman, who checks it the tourist has the required permission from the ministry of tourism to enter the higher areas. I was able to talk him into accepting my UNMOGIP id as permission, but it took half a day; alternative ways might be to actually get the permission or to let LA write a permit for you. One is requested to take a guide from Hushe; on the recommendation from the policeman I found one who would act as guide, cook and porter for 350 PKR for each stage. A stage is what almost everyone is able to walk within one day; it you are fit you will be able to do three or tour stages in one day. There are four stages to Mashermbrum Base camp (4280m) and another four stages down. On the last stage to the base camp one walks on a live glacier. The Base camp is accessible from June to September.

Courtesy Poul Guldbaek