8 Rachadumnurm Rd
Songkhla  90000
Tel: +66 - (0)74/440222
Fax: +66 - (0)74/440442
Hotel opened in 1999 with an immediate access to the Samila beach, standard golf course, large swimming pool and fully equipped fitness centre.
Rates: 2500 BHT sea view  - 2300 BHT  mountain view
Special rate UN: 1080 BHT sea view - 880 BHT mountain view (with ABF)
All rooms with Airco, fridge, TV and bathroom.

Sea sports center located in the vicinity of the hotel

Songkhla has something for everyone. For people seeking peace and quiet, they can rarely go wrong with the city of Songkhla and its nearby beaches. For avid shoppers, Hat Yai provides endless thrills. Together both cities make this province a fascinating place for a mere stopover or an extended holiday. Hat Yai's shopping opportunities are legendary and being so near the Malaysian border (50 Km) has afforded it with every kind of goods found in Thailand and Malaysia. The main shopping districts are the Niphat Uthit 2 and 3 roads where stalls sell everything from fresh fruits to electronic gadgets. Furthermore, the city is highly popular for its delectable Thai and Chinese cuisines. Specialties such as shark fins soup and bird's nest are much in demand here. Worth visiting is Wat Hat Yai Nai in the city, which houses the world's third largest reclining Buddha image. Ton Nga Chang Waterfall, 26 km. from Hat Yai City, is a high, 7-tier waterfall with shady trees ideal for picnics. Without a doubt one of the most picturesque beaches of the South, Samila Beach is a 3-kilometre stretch of white sand that is as popular as its mermaid statue.

Offshore are the famous islands of Ko Nu (mouse) and Ko Maeo (cat). The fishing community of Khao Seng to the south of Samila features a huge, immovable boulder called Hua Nai Rang which according to folklore sits atop pirate treasure. Songkhla City has its own beautiful temple to rival Wat Hat Yai Nai. Wat Matchimawat is a must-see for its display of antiques dating over 4 centuries. The Songkhla National Museum in the city likewise has antiques on display, the highlight being those recovered from shipwrecks in the Gulf of Thailand. Songkhla is also blessed with the scenic Songkhla Lake, an inland body of water connected to the Gulf of Thailand. The Khu Khut Waterfowl Sanctuary in the lake is the home to thousands of waterfowls and aquatic birds, which usually come to seek refuge during December and May.

Another attraction of Songkhla Lake is the Institute of Southern Thai Studies located on Ko Yo some 10 km. from Songkhla. The institute has a museum tracing the history of people in the area and an excellent collection of folk arts and crafts. Ko Yo can be reached by the Tinsulanonda Bridge, Thailand's longest concrete bridge. Songkhla/Hat Yai is a good place for sportsmen and sports fans to catch some action. There are 2 shooting ranges in Hat Yai, one operated by the Royal Thai Navy, the other by the Hat Yai Police. Songkhla has 2 9-hole golf courses and one 18-hole course at Samila and Kho Hong. Golfers can enjoy both the fantastic scenery of the courses and their remarkably low fees.

Thai airways flies daily from Bangkok to Hat Yai. The Price for a single trip economy is 2585 BHT. Return is 5170 BHT.

Hat Yai can be reached by air from Phuket and vice versa. One way is 880 BHT Return is 1760 BHT.

Hat Yai to Trang is 360/720 BHT.

There are also flights from and to Kuala Lumpur (3085/5250 BHT) and Singapore (5760/11300 BHT)

From Hat Yai Airport you need to take a taxi to Songkhla (fare: 440 BHT). To the city of Hat Yai the fare is 200 BHT.

Songkhla is a very “quiet” destination. There are hardly any tourists and the beaches are only frequented by Thais in the weekend. It is place to come to rest. There are a few bars in Songkhla town to get a beer.