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Bob Findlay in Tierra del Fuego
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One hundred and twenty countries, seven civil wars and two gun shot wounds later and I couldn't give a hoot if I never fight a dog, get assaulted by machete wielding maniacs, get horrible diseases, get stuck in the Yukon, get lost, go 27 hours on an african bus, herd cattle through a campsite or eat gorilla's hand and rice ever again! Read on...
"For some reason at this stage I thought of a road sign near my house in England which states ‘Change of Priorities ahead’ – Yes, I was going to hike across the Pyrenees but now I’m going to give up and settle down instead."
Ram-a-Langi-Ding-Dong (Tonga)
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A Town without Pity and other Traveller's Tales offers 24 of the best travel stories you've ever read!  The kind of travel adventures you'll pray you'll never have yourself.

South Africa and Lesotho, Canda and America, Tonga and Fiji, Wallis and Futuna, England and France, the Cape Verde Islands and Malaysia, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic; all parts of the world present the author with the opportunity to bumble from crisis to crisis, fighting strangers, animals and local bureaucracy across the globe whilst exploring both well known and little known corners of the world.
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Bob Findlay in Tierra Del Fuego