Hey y'all if ya would like to visit ne of my pages they are all here.

My ol' Dragon site, i made way back in '99, my first page, i don't use it much no more, but i still have it here. Get to it by clicking here.

We got my MuchMusic Countdown site, just a version of theres formatted to my own liking, just to cure boredom. Get to it by clicking here.

Then there is Count 'N Down, prolly my most proudest creation, definitly alot of work put in these countdown sites, newho, this one is devoted on my own opinion, well jeez, my own everything. heh, check it out. Get to it by clicking here.

Well, i decided i should make a page for those who wanna actually know something about me, and for them who would chat with me and ask me questions, i can just send em here first. Get to it by clicking here.