There are many lists of ancient woodlands, veteran trees and arboreta but the most important ones are those in our own neighbourhood which can be seen from the roadside, path or other public places.

Some of these are rare specimens and the pride of their owners and some you would not want a friend to miss if they visited your town. These rare and unusual trees should be able to be located though a  national website.  The idea of the Tree Treasures Project is that in each county a website would be set up listing the rare and unusual trees that can be found in and around towns and villages of that county and each website would be linked to the national one.

Anyone can begin listing the best and unusual trees to be found in their own neighbourhood which is a very worth while undertaking in itself. Local amenity societies or councils would be interested in putting this information on their own website but the important thing is to make a start in listing locally important trees.   

If you are interested in taking part in this project for your own area and or helping in any way with the Tree Treasures Project please contact

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