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You can download all the entries in one big (slightly modified) archive. These are changed just enough to get them to compile on the platform they're meant for, with a script or batch file to make it easier.


by Greg Magarshak

HackMan is a neat little Pacman clone. It features nice graphics, invincibility powerups, good balance in difficulty, and a gripping storyline :).

Download: zip archive


by Nathan Smith

SAAS (Small Arcade Alien Shooter) is a forward scrolling space shoot-em-up game. There are a bunch of power-ups like rapid fire and time freeze. I challenge you to beat my score of 1210!

Download: zip archive


by Elias Pschernig

Allefant is a top down game where you play an elephant, and have to search the world for the missing Allegro source code and bring it back to the library. There are lots of different enemies like allegators and bears, and some cool features like little boats, and different terrain types. Very cool!

Download: zip archive


by Ulfr Fenris

YAS (Yet Another Shooter) is a 3D space shooter. It has neat 3D graphics, sound effects, several different enemy types, and different attack patterns.

Download: zip archive

Nocturnal Sniper

by Davide Salvarini

Nocturnal Sniper is a game where you are a sniper and have to shoot stuff. There are three different play modes: Snipe the computer, shoot the different colored balls, and target practice. Great for you Quake fanatics to practice your snipering skills with!

Download: zip archive


by Daniel Schlyder

Wormlings is a Tron/Lightcycles like game with 360 degree movement and turbo/stop for 2-4 players. There are a lot of neat configuration options to play around with (turning angle, size, number of "death balls", etc).

Download: zip archive


by Trent Gamblin

Ballz is a game where you fly around and have to bounce balls into swirly black holes. It has 16 levels and joystick support.

Download: zip archive

Star Strike 2000

by Kevin Dixon

Star Strike is an asteroids-style space shoot-em-up. There are a bunch of different enemies, multiple screens and a radar, cool explosion effects, enemy power meters, and gravity.

Download: zip archive


by Tom Gwozdz

Rays is a 3D ray casting maze game. There is a 2D view for cheaters, and it's really nice looking (think Wolfenstein or Doom). Nuff said.

Download: zip archive

Gravity Wars

by Toni Ylisirni÷

Gravity Wars is similar to Scorched Earth, except your shots are affected by the gravity of planets. You can configure the number of players, ships per player, and the number of planets.

Download: zip archive


by Peter Wang

In this game you are an integer and you must destroy 7 bit strings (or something like that). It is incomplete, but still interesting. It compiles bytecode from a Forth like language, so you could theoretically fit a lot of code in 10K.

Download: zip archive


by Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz

This is a game where you have to blow up subs with depth charges. Each sub is worth a certain number of points, and they shoot back at you. You can play at any resolution, and you must specify one on the command line like: "sub -W 320 -H 240". Note the capital W and H.

Download: zip archive


by Sven Sandberg

This game is a Tetris clone. No, really! It has neat looking bouncy slime effects when blocks collide, and remembers your high score. Very nice looking.

Download: zip archive


by Mihnea-Costin Grigore

Snakey is a nibbles-like game. You go around eating fruit and grow with each piece of fruit you eat. It has randomly generated levels, invincibility power ups, warps, and lots of little options to tinker with.

Download: zip archive

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