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Welcome to my 1978 Triumph Spitfire WebPage.  I bought the Spitfire in August 1998 at which time it started going through a complete "body off" restoration.  It took twelve and a half months to complete this great little car.  Actually I'm not done yet...I'm in the process of restoring the crash pad and wood dash board and dismantling the gauges.   The previous owner had the engine rebuilt and runs perfectly with only 58,000 miles on it (2000+/- miles since rebuild).  The original Zenith Stromberg carburetor was in poor shape so I upgraded to a Weber DGV carburetor with a K&N air filter.  All the interior has been replaced including a complete restoration of the seats.  The seats have been stripped, frames sand blasted, two coats of rust proof primer and two coats of black Tremclad paint.  I replaced the seat covers with the original black hounds tooth seat covers.  I didn't like the hounds tooth cloth so I had it cut out and replaced with matching black vinyl...looks much nicer and more durable than the cloth houndstooth. The convertible top is a new Amco top...It's not bad but I'm sure there is a better top out there some where.  All the chrome was re-chromed to show quality.  The body , when stripped of paint, had some unexpected battle scars but rust was at very minimum.  I was surprised at how little rust this car had.  All the dents where hammered out except for the left side skirt of the bonnet was badly damaged so a new one was fitted.  The body tub was completely redone...inside and out.  The inside was sand blasted in spots that needed it, metal was repaired where it needed it followed by a couple of coats of rust sealer.  The underside of the car is just as good as the top side of the car too.  The paint is the original orange but with a clear coat applied.  The frame was sand blasted, straightened and repaired followed by 3 coats of rust sealer and 6 coats of orange paint and 3 coats of clear coat.... looks just as nice as the body paint.  All mechanical parts including suspension, main drive axle, differential, half shafts have been sand blasted and painted with Tremclad satin black rust paint (2 coats). The differential seals also have been replaced with new seals. Brake lines have been completely replaced and master cylinder reconditioned.  Clutch slave cylinder reconditioned and master clutch cylinder has been replaced with a new one.   I have just touched on the extent of this restoration...I hope you will enjoy the pictures that I have provided.  The spitfire is a great little car and so much fun to drive ...not to mention all the great people who helped me with this restoration.


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Tozer Autobody  (London, Ontario)
Nasco (media blasting) (London, Ontario)
Classic Auto Upolstery (London, Ontario)
Ardal Transmissions (London, Ontario)
Spitbits (Lincoln, California)
Obsolete Automotive (Sarnia, Ontario)
Moss Motors (Goleta, California)
BMC British Car Specialists (Smithville, Ontario)
Rimmer Brothers
Marco Morlani
Steve Pearce
My Dad, Joe senior

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