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Well, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ray Horner, and I own a 1984 13' U-Haul Camper 3906 CT. My web-page is devoted to the restoration, preservation, and history of the U-Haul Camper. Do you have a U-Haul Camper? Do you have photos of your U-Haul? Or do you have any relevant info that may be of use? Below is a photo of my camper at the end of the summer of 2001, it is almost done, it was still in primer. The below photo is taken on the lakeshore of the Indiana Dunes. Also, if you are looking for any infomation about the U-Haul Camper, just ask!!! It is considered a "kissin cousin" of the Burro, but depite myth it was actually manufactured by a subsidary company of U-Haul called Rec Vee: Vacation Adventure which was the rv subdivision of the parent company U-Haul. There were two models the 13' CT and a 16' VT. Most of the CT Campers were produced at Dayton Trailer Mfg. Co., Youngstown Trailer Mfg. Co., and the Tempe Trailer Mfg. Co., located in the respective cities. I have seen various years 1984, 1985, 1986, and 1987, and reports of a few as late as 1988. There were two types of frames used for production. Most are made on a circular steel tube frame (which is the original design frame), and some produced with a square tube steel frame. The later were frames that were used in the production of the U-Haul Rental Utility Trailers. There is also the rumor that U-Haul purchased the original molds from Burro when the Burro Trailer Company first went bankrupt, but this is also unsubstantiated myth. Even if U-Haul had purchased the molds from Burro, U-Haul still would have had to develop a new plug, mold, and master for the fiberglass process. The U-Haul Camper was designed by John Gladfelter. I have no other information on this man. Although, the campers are titled from 1984-1987 (or up to 1988) they were only produced between 1984 and 1985. When U-Haul decomissioned the Rec Vee fleet of campers in 1992, U-Haul offered these units to the public, the Campers had to be re-titled to be sold. Which accounts for first U-Haul Camper Trailer I had seen on Cassapolis Street, Elkhart, IN at a local used RV dealer in 1992. Of what I do know from information obtained during a conversation with a regional field manager, at one point in time the company U-Haul was so cheap it would not pay for their managers to stay in motels; so the managers would have to hitch up a camper to take to sleep in when they had to make a delivery to another U-Haul Center. I also have followed the various forums for Burro, Bolerama, and Casita, FiberglassRV, And Scamp. Feel free to email me at ttlic_2000@juno.com

1984 U-Haul at Indian Dunes Lakeshore Drive

1984-1985 U-haul Camper 3906 Ct Web-site.

Window ? & More Info
The window is original as is the whole trailer. All U-Haul campers look like this. The lines on the U-Haul are very different from the Burro. U-haul also added the independent torsion suspension versus a straight axle. This makes for a very smooth ride without any sway to the camper. You hardly notice it when you are towing. Although the original color was an off sail white, mine was in primer when I took that photo. The camper was in fair condition when I bought it, it had been repainted so, I stripped it down to the original gelcoat, a lot of sanding, and fiberglass repair. You never know what you are going to find under old paint. Well, someone had used bondo for a few quick repairs, so I had to remove that and do some real fiberglass repairs to the unit. Hopefully, I would like to have it repainted the original off sail white color with a clearcoat finish. I am looking at a few corvette shops to do the painting for me. Although, I could probably paint it, but I want to be perfect about it. I have various photos of the original U-Haul Campers with all the original decals, but I am opting for a new color scheme. Since, I live in Elkhart, IN; there are several RV salvage yards close at hand, and I have found some wonderful detail striping to apply to the front, and on the sides of the camper. Since we like country-western music, Deb used a blue material with a horse motif for the curtains, and we have to replace the seatcovers on the cushions. Most of all the other hard work is done. I spent from June to October of 2001, working on the camper everday after work and on the weekends to do all that I had wanted to do to the U-Haul Camper. I will be uploading more photos to my web-site as time permits, I finally had to break down and buy a new computer to replace my old Compaq 2200 that I had been using since 1995. It was old but served my purpose for a very long time. But a year ago I had problems, and it would not let me use my scanner. And I had to bite the bullet and get a new computer. The last few days I have scanned quite a few photos. I didn't get to go camping much this past summer, only had it out once in June of 2002. And I was sidelined from a knee injury, and spent two months in bed, followed by other health complications, so another month in bed, and I have been recuperating since Oct. Where did that summer go? But, my other half said next summer we will make it up, and go camping as often as possible. Enclosed is a photo of the camper as was listed on the CasitaClub page. This was before I bought it!!! I had originally posted numerous notes on RV Trader, and the other forums WTD: U-Haul Camper, and out of the blue, a gentleman from outside of Columbus, Ohio called me up, and said he had a '84 U-Haul Camper. $1000.00 and it's yours. I returned his call, and told him I was on my way. We drove from Elkhart, IN to a little east of Columbus, Ohio to go pick up the U-Haul Camper. It looked pretty sad at the time, but I saw the potential. I have worked in the RV Industry and have a wiide variety of resources at hand. It even had the original tires on it. It even had the original fire extinguisher dated from 1984. The gentleman I had bought it from was going to work on it, but was unable to, so to speak. I know he ended up buying a newer casita just for the name. Anyway, we drove from outside of Columbus, to New Concord, Ohio, and parked the camper in my aunt's backyard and stayed overnight. The next day we brought our *Little Hauler* home. Which was a task in itself, I had a title, but we had no plate/no registration on the camper. We were really amazed that we didn't get pulled over. But, we sure did get a lot of looks as we drove across I-70. Even when we stopped at severals places on the way home, someone was always a little curious and wanted to see the camper. Even, with the *old tires* I was amazed we got it home safe and sound, as the tires were very weather worn and cracked on the outside, but being the Goodyear Tires that U-Haul uses they are a higher grade to regular trailer tires. It made the trip; and I would do all over again if I had to. My S-10 extended cab pulled this camper without a problem at 65-70 MPH on the highway. Other notes, the bumper was originally painted black, however I stripped it, and it was a beauitful aluminum bumper. It polished up very nicely. The wheels/rims had also been painted black, the original color was off sail white, but I opted for a true white paint, when I refinished the rims. I had also stripped and repainted the propane tank, but that will have to bee retired and/or retrofitted with the new valve. The intereseting fact about most of all U-Haul campers, is that they once had Property of U-Haul markings on the windows, frame, propane tank, rims, and even the tires! Although once sold off, the frame was stamped *NOT* before the *Property of U-Haul* on the frame. My camper did not have an original Identification tag, but most others I have seen and/or have inspected personally all have the ID tag on the front left hand side at the bottom of the side marker. This usaully indicates where the camper was produced. Campers I have seen: One located in Elkhart, IN in the year 1992 when I first moved to Elkhart, it was at a local used RV Dealership. One originally located on the outskirts of East Liverpool, Ohio-now located in the town of Follansbee, WV. owned by Chuck Carr (interesting fact is that the camper he bought is the one I spotted driving down Route 7 going into East Liverpool. It was on the Old Route 7. I almost bought that camper.);Richard Tates, of Michigan; Ray Brock's, of the Thunder Bay area, Michigan; One located northeast of Grand Rapids, (this was a square tube frame camper; One located in White Pigeon, Michigan painted Silver; but was in need of major fiberglass repair. Used by a trucker for sleeping quarters. And I have various photos from fellow U-Haulers that I do converse with online. Hopefully, I can finish the U-Haul, and finish my other current project which is on hold. I bought and old 1974 Dodge Camper Van. I gutted it, put on another top, put in a new floor, and have yet to finish it. It is the same off sail white color. I thought it would be a little more nostalgic to pull the U-Haul with something different. And maybe someday, I can buy another U-Haul Camper to restore just for the sake of preservation of this unique little camper. My *Little Hauler* 3906 CT 1454!

My Little Hauler

U-Haul more info/links

U-Haul Restoration

U-Haul at Dunewoods National Park, Michigan City, IN

U-Haul at Indiana Dunes Lakeshore Drive

U-Haul at Pokagon State Park, IN in mid October, 2001 just of I-80 near I-69

More info
Most if not all U-Haul Campers have an off olive green colored molded cabinet doors which is most plastic over plywood-(neat idea!), door bumper, it is indeed marked on all the marker lenses, as well as the tail-lights. Don't ever back up and break a tail-light lens, it is about the only item that is irreplaceable unless you intend on more fiberglass work, and installing another lens of some sort similar to the Burro. I have been looking fo something similar with the same curvature, but to no avail. The marker lights can replaced, the complete rear tri-bar, and the individual marker lights are still available from the manufacturer that supplies U-Haul.
The major difference between a 1984 and 1985 model was the use of fiberglass cabinet liners in the upper cabinets over the sink/stove, the cabinet under the sink. There should be a fiberglass storage liner for the right and left front seat compartment, and the right rear seat compartment. The original stove vent also has U-Haul imprinted in the metal. Most other items had U-Haul label/stickers in one form or another, refer to your manual I sent you; and there is a list. In some of the campers I have seen, the front bunks have also been removed.

Photo of me and my Little Hauler
Couldn't resist, here is a photo of me, that Deb took while we were camping at Pokagon State Park in late October of 2001. This is what it is really all about. To get away from it all. When we arrived at the park, the electric/water area was packed. But, no need for that we; opted to the primitive section where there were few and far between campers, but numerous spaces available. I use two diesel truck batteries, and the solar panel keeps them charged fairly well; I only have to plug-in to recharge the batteries before a lengthy stay-over, and the 5 gallon fresh water storage is ample enough. I could have changed the fresh water holding tank, but there was no need. Althoug, one thing I was working on was adding an auxillary shower on the shower where the original fresh water hook-up compartment is. I am going to use the space under the right front seat compartment to install a water heater. In case, there was ever a need!!!

more U-Haul info......
Some more interesting tidbits for U-Haul enthusiasts. The original table was made of fiberglass, off sail white in color. Most of the campers I have seen all have original fiberglass tables. One drawback is that the edges are easily chipped and/or may have cracked. Mine was in the condition, repairable - maybe. I replaced my original table with an exact replica, but made of solid maple with a clearcoat finish. This is what I currently have in the camper for everday camping. For show purposes, I made a second table which is made of the same corian material that I had used for the overlay on my countertop. The only drawback to using and exact replica of the table (refering to the size), it is difficult to get up and sit down without moving the table out of the way. For practicality, I am thinking of a third but smaller table for those rainy days, when you do have to go inside and sit just to made it a little easier. No spare tire carrier? When traveling, I lay the spare tire on the floor in the rear, and travel with the table down, and the bed made and ready. I also carry an extra table pole. I obtained a piece of the aluminum hardware that the table pole mounts into the floor with. I drilled a three bolt pattern, added stainless steel bolts with thumbscrews, and mounted the hardware on the rim of the spare tire. If I ever happen to be where there are no picnic tables, or I need an extra table, I can always roll out the spare, if the need arises. Another item, original seat compartment covers are of the same olive drab color used on the cabinet doors and closet doors but made made of 1/4 inch plastic. I removed mine, and put them in storage. I made replacements of these compartment covers using 1/2 inch cabinet grade luan. Although, the original seat compartment covers were made of plastic and more durable, they were not very sturdy in my opinion. The cabinet grade luan is yet lightweight, but provides more strength than that of the original plastic seat compartment covers.. Going back to what I have already stated......here's a short list of what is obsolete, and what can still be found.
Original Replacement Furnace - obsolete, repair the one you have, or opt to replace with a new furnace such as the one manufactured by Suburban, and expect to do more fiberglass repair and drill and two new exhaust holes. Most of the newer furnaces porduced have two vents to the exterior, versus the single exhaust hole as on most original U-Haul Campers. If you know of an existing U-Haul Furnace that someone does not want, feel free to contact me. I can always use a spare for parts!!!!
Spare - Well, if you need a spare, you better head off to your nearest U-Haul Service Center, and explain the situation that you own a U-Haul Camper, and need to buy a rim. Most managers will be more than helpful. The rim is indeed unique to the U-Haul Camper, but is the same as used on the open trailers that U-Haul uses for rentals. The tire on the other hand, U-Haul will not sell you a spare tire as the Goodyear tires that are manufactured for U-Haul are not for public sale. Good Luck if you want to try, I tried, but to no avail as I wanted to maintain the originality of the U-Haul Camper. But, (the wheel) rim is obtainable only through a little fanagling.
Sink - Standard RV sink, can be obtained new or used. New can also be purchased at RV Surplus for less than the price of new. Faucet - Three way rv water faucet. This model is still available. It is available from Leisure Components. Triple Action Hand Pump Dalyrv.com shows the Leisure Components pump as: Triple Action Hand Pump: 86-8067 - Hand Pump Price: $47.39 86-8094 - Repair Kit Price: $19.69 Or you may want to consider this faucet, if you do not need an electric pump/faucet. If you use this faucet, you will need a Shur-Flo Pump. Unless, you intend extended stays only at campgrounds with water/electric will you need this.
An aternative as shown below: This sells for around $30.00 Look at my mini-kithcen.

Valterra Rocket Hand Pump Faucet

Stove, Stove Cover, and Range Hood - Stove is Standard, and there are several brands to choose from, Atwood is a good one to pick. Most likely the Stove Cover will come will the Stove. Rangehood Vent - An aluminum original with U-Haul imprinted on it is obsolete, but a standard RV Rangehood made by Ventline is available. You can also buy them in chrome aluminum, or in painted finishes of white or off-white.

Icebox - original icebox has the olive drab door with u-Haul label. It is obsolete. I have seen a conversion with a standard *dorm size* referigerator. Although, that is electric only. Norcold makes a suitable replacement which is a three way refrigerator. Electric, Propane, & 12V so if you are traveling on the road, you can keep your goodies cold to enjoy. Take at look at the Norcold 322/323 model.

Power Converter/Charger - This is available new. Believe it or not, I found an exact identical power converter/charger, but with the U-Haul logo. If you existing power converter is good, there is no need to replace it. But if yours is missing, you do have options available. This is an expensive item. Be prepared to shell out a few extra bucks for this one.
Door Lock - the door lock is still available and is manufactured by Bargman. The model is BARGMAN L-300 SERIES MOTORHOME LOCK. I found one new in box, with original key tags for $25.00. Nice if you are trying to upgrade the appearance of your camper. New from RV Store can run anywhere from $75. - $100.
I originally had thought about a screen door such as those illustrated on these two links. However, my plan for a screen door is to use snaps/rivets. and sew upa screen door. I want to be able to install it on the inside of the camper, and be able to unroll, and snap it closed. That way, I can enjoy a comfortable nap leaving the door open. screendoor
Cabinet Hinges - these are standard and can be easily replaced, if you do decide to replace, you may want to consider stainless steel screws when you re-install your new hinges. Can be found at most hardware stores. Manufactured by Amerock. www.amerock.com

Cabinet Door/Closet Door Thumblocks - these are standard and if yours are pitted from age, you can easily replace these. Can be obtained at most hardware stores. Very nice, especially if you have the original upper cabinet inner liners. Tail-light Lens Assembly - obsolete!!! (Don't break it backing up into something!!!) It is irreplaceable. You can intend on some major fiberglass repair and install tail-lights of your coice or something in the style of an older burro.
Single Marker and Three Marker Tri Bar - still available from the original manufacturer that supplys U-Haul. Arrow Safety Devices Single Marker Clearance Light - 071 Series Three Marker Clearance Light Tri Bar - 073-00



Considering the age of the U-Haul Camper is is a wise investment to install new clearance lights, and tri bar. Visibilty and safety is the key. It is better to be safe than sorry. Reminder, clearance marker lens are plastic, and with age they can be brittle, and crack.

As I stated previously, I am working on finding a replacement for the window felt. Deb, my girlfriend worked for a major rv company service department, and we have a product that we found that is similar, but we are working on finding a source. If, however you feel the need, you can most likely replace all your windows/frames and upgrade to newer windows. I have many resources available, and can be of assistance if you need or want to go that route. Could be costly, only for sghipping, but hey; if you are every in the neighborhood of Elkhart, IN; I would be more than happy to show you around to any of the RV surplus/salvage yards in the area. Most of these places have items they have obtained from the areas rv manufactuers. Some of the item can be found new in boxes!!!!
Also, the thing you see that covers the seam of your whole trailer. This is called Trimlock, it is still available. So, if yours is worn and weathered, it is replaceable. It is also available in a smaller version. For those of you who do not have cabinet liners, this is a nice item to add to the opening of you cabinets. It will prevent you from being scratched by the raw fiberglass edges. As an example look at your furnace opening, it is covered with TrimLock. Then if you do not have the cabinet liners, this as I said is a nice addition and improvement to your camper. Also, can be installed on your closet opening as well!
Original Propane Tank - obsolete, because of new laws, you will either have to buy a new propane tank, hoses, connections, in order to enjoy your stove & furnace, or retrofit your tank with a new valve. IMHO, you are better off buying a new tank. Other than that, your U-Haul Camper is fairly simple. Definiton of an RV is a unit manufactured comprised of parts made by another company. Except, for the Furnace cover, and the Rangehood Vent that are imprinted with words U-Haul. And the rim and the tail-light assembly. All the other items can be replaced at a reasonable cost. Did I miss anything?

Another photo I thought I would add this, here's another photo of an original U-Haul Kitchen with the Aluminum Rangehood. Lights There were only two light fixtures in the 13' U-Haul Camper, both are standard, and are still available. The Thin-Lite #111 is an 8 watt (.9 amps) rectangular fixture. Size is 12" x 4" x 1". Uses one F8T5/CW fluorescent tube (furnished). 400 design lumens.


I tried to maintain the original appearance of the U-Haul, and used a quality high grade auto carpet for the floor. Since, the installation of the carpet, if and when I have to replace it, the next time, I think with a larger budget allowance, I would opt for a marine grade carpet which would be even more durable than the auto carpet. But the auto carpet has a nice feel to it than that of outdoor marine grade carpet. And then, here's a neat trick, if you notice the center line indent where the original ceiling carpet lays on the ceiling. I took 1/2 inch pink styrofoam insulation. Cut this into 2 inch by 2 foot pieces, and followed the curvature of the camper from the front window to the rear window. I glued these up using a silicone sealeant made for stryofoam applications. I was then able to install a lighter cabinet liner carpet to the ceiling using a Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive for Carpets by Nexx Dimension-Amrep, Inc. And the carpet lays evenly on the ceiling as opposed to how the carpet was cut and laid originally as depicted in the photo of the ceiling of your camper - Doodle. Sorry, no current photos of my finished product. But, you can see how the carpet lays orignally, and I wanted the carpet to lay flush on the ceiling.

The later photo also depicts the Pla-Cool evaporative cooler installed on 1985 and later U-Haul Campers.


On my 1984, originally had standard vent. I opted for a newer fantastic vent fan with the Maxx-Air Vent Cover. See photo of my camper in orignal message and you can see the Maxx Air Cover! The Fantastic Vent Fan is perfect for the 13' U-Haul. Three-speed In/Out Fan works wonders in hot weather.



If you wondering why I am always asking questions, is that I intend to purchase a second U-Haul Camper in the future, and intend to restore it for the sake of preservation. I would also like to find a set of original seat cushions including the complete front bunk assembly, a furnace, an clean stove, stove rangehood, the outside water compatment door assembly in good condition. Too bad, I couldn't find a wrecked U-Haul Camper for parts!!!!
I would be chasing after the parts I could salvage!

Cabinet door locks
This is quite interesting....look at the photo of my mini kitchen, then the photo of the U-Haul with an original kitchen.

Notice anything different. The cabinet door locks are different. Most if not all of the campers I have seen in person or through photos all have the standard thumblocks. Look at a few more photos of two other U-Haul kitchens. From the first photo, you get a glimpse of the thumblocks. But in both photos, these photos show the cabinets have the liners as you can see them behind the cabinet doors. Both photos, give you a better view of the original sink and faucet, as well. And, the second photo gives a little glimpse of the upper bunk set up! The cabinet liners were a feature that was added to the U-Haul Camper in the 1985 model, most *original* 1984 models do NOT have cabinet liners. They were added for the convenience of cleaning and maintenance as these were RENTAL units. And the previous photo of the ktichen without thumblocks, you can see this kitchen does not have the cabinet liners which would indicate this is an *original* 1984 U-Haul. But the drawback of the cabinet liners is that you do lose valuable storage space. If you own a U-Haul Camper, what kind of cabinet door locks do you have? Do you have the cabinet liners?

Here is the address:
Dayton Trailer Mfg. Co.
31 S Beckel St.
Dayton, Ohio 45403-1829

Ray Horner's 1984 U-HauL Camper MFG. Unknown. #3906-CT-1454
VIN #: 14HU08101EF318360
Location: Elkhart, IN, originally purchased east of Columbus,Ohio.

Official U-Haul Registry

Register your U-Haul Camper

Want to add your U-Haul Camper to the list?, E-mail me!

From this photo the *NOT U-haul Property* is barely visible, but on the top in front of the propane tank holder is where you will find your VIN stamped into the metal frame. This is where I located mine after stripping off all of the paint. What was interesting is that my number was 1454 and Ray Brock's was 1358. Mine is a true 1984, and his was a 1985. Yet his CT # is lower than mine. Where was your camper made? What was your U-Haul Rental Number?

Side View of VIN Plate

Close Up of VIN Plate

Replacement Seat Cushions
Seat cushions are easily replaced especially if you buy a firmer foam. Make patterns of your exisitng cushions using cardboard. Outline your cushions. Proceed to cut out your cardboard patterns. Then trace your various cushion patterns onto your cushion foam, be sure to allow for extra spacing between cushions. Now, you should use an electric knife to cut apart your cushions, do not cut out the cushion on the pattern lines yet. Now comes the hard part, you will need a band saw.... Proceed to cut the rubber foam on the pattern lines, be sure you have a fine blade to do this. With a firm cushion you should be able to cut the cushions with ease. Hope this helps!

Re: The hardest part about finding out about any information on the U-Haul Campers is that the U-Haul Company itself, is not run by L.S. Shoen, the founder, anymore. I emailed U-Haul via customer service using the contents of this message, and this is a fine example of the canned answer they respond with:

Dear Mr. Horner,
Thank you for contacting our Customer Service Department. Yes you are correct, U-Haul discontinued the sale and rentals of our Camper RV Fleet approximately 10 years ago. We are pleased to hear your feedback with your satisfaction on the purchase of the Camper Trailer made. The only information we can provide is a list of the following companies that can assist you with any parts needed for the camper trailer you purchased:
Rice, TX
Escondido, CA
Backus, MN

Your time and feedback is much appreciated.
Sincerely, Katy Arnold U-Haul Customer Service

Gee, they can't even spell Burro, how would they be able to supply any other information on a camper they use to manufacture. I said it was fruitless, it is like banging your head on a wall! Corporate America at its BEST! Thank-you. Have a nice day!

I would like to have went to Dayton to inverstigate the address of the Dayton Trailer Mfg. Co. I would have probably have tried to head that way to Dayton, if we would have been in a situation where we could have went camping this year. I would have like to have headed for Indian Lake....one of the places I liked from my youth. I also like a lot of the caverns that are in that stretch of the area of Ohio. I'm originally from the Steubenville, Ohio-Weirton, WV area, and I was hoping to stop around Youngstown sometime on one of my trips homeward bound. I have that address somewhere, but not on hand. I originally also tried getting information via the Ohio Historical Society. But that would have been costly for me. Anyway, for those avid readers. Here's a look at a worn cover of my U-Haul manual.

U-Haul Manual
An original copy of the manual is available for sale @ $29.95 shipped.

There is a table post hole located in the rear of the trailer between the seat compartments. But that usually has the aluminum hardware for the post pole to fit into. In this photo, you can also see the original TrimLock plastic material around the furnace opening as I was referring to earlier. This is original to most U-Haul Campers. Oddly enough, I had see a few with conversions to a front dinette table. They removed the upper bunk assembly. Removed the full length cushions. Removed the center cover between the two front seat compartments, installed the aluminum hardware fitting to mount the pole, added a smaller table. And had new smaller cushions made for each of the seat compartments, instead of the full length cushion. What kind of floor are you going to install? I had seen Richard Tate's (from Michigan) U-Haul, He added a tile floor. He installed a thicker plywood, because of the uneven fiberglass floor of the U-Haul, and the seam in the middle. The final product was indeed very nice, but defeats the purpose of a lightweight camper. I can see doing this, but adding a 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch sub-floor would be better suited for the needs, then it can be covered with linoleum or tile. I met Richard when he drove down from Michigan to show me his camper one day. It was great. I took a lot of photos of his camper, too. I have yet to get them developed!!!!!

Does anyone have any photos of their U-Haul Camper with the decals still intact? I would love to see photos of the original decals on the sides and rear of the camper. I had photos I had taken of Roy Brock's Camper when I went to Alpena, MI on Thunder Bay, but I don't know whatever happened to those either. Darn 35mm film containers keeps hidng all over the place. Here's a view of an orignal Vacation Adventure decal of the front of a U-Haul Camper. This is from Mark Esposito's U-Haul Camper.

Here's a photo of an original 1984 U-Haul Signal Stat Fire Extinguisher. This was still in the fire extinguisher holder when I purchased my 1984 U-Haul Camper. It even still had the tamper seal over the nozzle. Although, I would have serious doubts about using this on a fire, it is nice for original show purposes. I replaced it with a new fire extinguisher, for safety reasons. Notice the discard immediately after use date. 1984. A couple of useful sites inregards to fire extinguishers and safety.


If you were wondering what kind of awning I had set up in the photo of me and my camper. It is an EZ Up Awning, which is very simple to set up. I couldn't see installing an awning onto the trailer. The EZ UP is suitable for our purpose that we needed. This can be found at most sporting goods outfitters like Dick's. When I found mine, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I picked it up on clearance at one of the local Targets for $45.00. Couldn't pass up a deal like that.


And I was curious to see what a Shady Boy Awning was.
Shady Boy
Check out the VW Van Awning! It would be suitable for a boler, burro, casita, scamp, and of course a U-Haul Camper!

The hardest part about finding out about any information on the U-Haul Campers is that the U-Haul Company itself, is not run by L.S. Shoen, the founder, anymore. It is run by a son or grandson. And trying to get through to anyone, with any knowledge or interest in the history of the U-Haul Camper or knowledge of the RV Sub-division Vacation Adventure is fruitless. I think I said this before. But, I had tried and tried. Calling the company headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, and calling the Technical Service Center in Tempe, AZ. Basically, you end up getting the royal corporate run around.
Company headquarters U-Haul International, Inc.
2727 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone 1-800-528-0463
Fax 1-602-277-5207
Web site address www.uhaul.com
Investor relations investorrelations@uhaul.com
Chief Executive Officer Edward "Joe" Shoen

U-Haul Technical Center Tempe, AZ
U-Haul Technical Center, located in Tempe, Arizona, provides design, engineering and technical service for U-Haul equipment and products. Maintenance and repair assistance, purchasing supply support and product research and development are just a few of the many functions provided by U-Haul Technical Center.
11298 S. PRIEST

Customer Service: 1-800-789-3638

And trying to call customer service....well, what do you think?
It was only by accident that I happened to be in the right place, and ran into a regional field manager. His name was Leon Welch, Area Field Manager for Northern Indiana and South Cook County, Illionois. He was acually very informative. Although, most of the other information is common knowledge. I always liked history, and am kind of a history buff in some respects.
Part of what this field manager had said was that when the *old man* L.S. Shoen had started the Travel Adventure RV subdivsion with the Camper Rentals, he was running the company into the ground. So, eventually the Camper Rentals were not profitable to the company as a whole so the Camper Rentals ended, and the U-Haul Campers were sold off by by the company to the public. From, what I have found is that these units were acquired by individuals from local U-Haul dealers through out the country. While the majority have surfaced in or around the Toledo, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, and the out-lying Detroit, MI area. From all the ads I have seen online since I originally started looking, I saw one located in Mississpi, several located through-out Ohio, and quite a few located all over Michigan. The other thing to consider is the who, what, where, and how philosphy. Who has these campers? What are they used for? (They could be used for regular camping, but also used by car show enthusiasts, by plane enthusiasts - the one I was looking at in Alpena, MI was owned by a gentleman who used his to go to the big annual airshow in Oshkosh, WI, or could be used by a Nascar fan who only attends races, or just sitting along the road side in someone's yard) Where are all these campers? Where is the original mold? Who has this? As, I have noted. This camper was manufactured by U-Haul itself. Anyway, I love my U-Haul Camper.

I wouldn't have it any other way. Even though, I live in the heart of the RV Capital of the World....I despise most of the RV manufacturers in the area, I think they have forgotten what camping is really all about, and have forgotten about the average guy. They make the trailers bigger and bigger, but affordability is out of the question!!!!! That is partially why I liked the U-Haul Camper. It is my way of thumbing up my nose at the RV Industry. Too bad my camper wasn't a Burro. I would love to have a bumper sticker that says *Elkhart RV Industry can kiss my little ASS!*

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