These are the "sound novels" which were taken out of the North American release of Final Fantasy Tactics. It's entirely possible to play the entire game without ever touching them, but they're entertaining side stories, and are definitely worth looking at.

Important: These files make use of the [a name="#...."] HTML code which lets you jump to various places in the same document. Maye sure you're using a browser that enables this code. Internet Explorer does, and some versions of Netscape don't.

The best way to enjoy these games is to download the ZIP package, copy the whole folder to your hard drive, and play them offline. This method also had the advantage of compatibility with music, provided you have Winamp 2.x and Neil Corlett's Highly Experimental plugin which lets you play Playstation music files on Winamp. I highly recommend finding these two items before you start the sound novels. When you download the ZIP, keep all subdirectories intact, as the html files use relative links.

Download the entire package: Click here

Play online: Oeilvert - Fantasy Magience Story - Nanai's Book of Lives

Bonus: Ivalician Font
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