Memorandum of Understanding

Text of the Memorandum of Understanding Signed by the Greek and Turkish Ministers of Foreign Affairs [Mr Papoulias and Mr Yilmaz] on 27 May 1988

The two parties have agreed on the following confidence building measures:

  • Both parties recognise the obligation to respect the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of each other and their rights to use the high seas and international airspace of the Aegean.

  • In conducting national military activities in the high seas and the international airspace, the two parties shall endeavour to avoid interfering with smooth shipping and air-traffic as ensured in accordance with international instruments, rules and regulations. This would contribute to the elimination of unwarranted sources of tension and reduce the risks of collision.

  • The two parties have agreed that the planning and the conduct of national military exercises in the high seas abnd the international airspace which require the promulgation of a NOTAM or any other notification or warning should be carried out in such a way as to avoid also to the maximum extent possible the following:

    1. The isolation of certain areas

    2. The blocking of exercise areas for long periods of time

    3. Their conduct during the tourist peak period (1 July-1 September) and main national and religious holidays.

It is understood that the planning and execution of all national military activities will be carried out in accordance with the existing international rules, regulations and procedures.

With a view of achieving the above, and without prejudice to the existing international regulations and procedures, the two sides will proceed, when required, to due communication through diplomatic channels.

The provisions of the memorandum of understanding shall have effect and be implemented in full conformity with the provisions of the Davos joint press communiqué.