Internet Explorer Tip:

Maximize the Internet Explorer window view:
You can press F11 or the Full Screen button to get the largest browsing window in Internet Explorer.  This is good for those with a small screen, those using a free ISP with an ad banner that takes up screen space, and for those who just want a larger window on the web.
With a regular window, the viewing area can be maximized by moving and reducing the size of the toolbars:  In Internet Explorer, go to view and uncheck or check Status Bar to suit your needs, then go to view/toolbars and check only Standard Buttons and Address Bar.  Next, go to view/toolbars/customize and select "No text lables" in "Text options" and "Small icons" in "Icon options".  Then add or remove toolbar buttons and sort them with the Move Up and Move Down buttons to suit your needs.  I use Back, Forward, Refresh, Home, and Full Screen.  Click on "Close".  Now you can combine toolbars.  Click and hold near the left margin of the Standard Buttons toolbar and drag it up onto the top bar.  Then do the same for the Address Bar, or just click and hold on the lower margin of the taskbars and drag them all up.  When combined, you can slide these bars to the left to hide the options you don't use often and give more space for the address bar.  Now you can toggle between regular and full screen setups as shown in the images below by clicking the Full Screen button.  In full screen mode, right click on the toolbar and check Menu Bar, Address Bar, and Auto-Hide.  You can slide these bars from side to side to suit your needs.  Now the toolbar will auto-hide when browsing and give a true full screen, nothing but net, view.
When using this setup with a free ISP such as Netzero with an ad banner, park the ad banner and the Windows Taskbar at the bottom of the screen and use Auto-hide and Always on top for the Windows Taskbar.  This will allow viewing of the Internet Explorer toolbar when in full screen mode and full viewing of web pages as well. 
You can do similar toolbar tricks in other Windows programs such as Windows Explorer.