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Commodore's Notes:   The Season Hits High Gear  by  Chester Hulme
     Seems like its been a while since I wrote an article for the newsletter.  Guess it's because Pam and I have been so busy.  Seems like something going on every weekend. Well ,I guess there has been.  April 10th was the SCREAMING REACH along with the accompanying shrimp boil.  Man was that a feast!!  If you missed it this year, don't miss it next year.  I would like to thank everyone who helped make the event a success.   Between the EASTER shrimp boil and the Screaming Reach shrimp boil, the club picked up almost $300.  I think the best part was that  a good time was had by all.  The thing is, I think our members from Detroit, Ted and Angela Malpass, think we held the party for them.  Don't tell them it was already planned before they got here, I can probably add it to their room bill.
     Several events are coming up.  Next we have the Bird Island Bash at Bird Island on May 8th.  This is slated to be a fun event geared to the casual sailor, if you're a casual sailor, or to the speed sailor, if you're a speed sailor, or to the...... Bottom line is hopefully there will be something there for you.  Plans are for a timed course, Speed watch attachments for measuring peak speed, avg. speed, distance, etc., and a speed gun.  Also, afterwards there will be a, guess what, SHRIMP BOIL.  Entry fee will be nominal and will include the shrimp boil. The goal is fun.
     The US OPEN is slated for May 27-31.  Please plan to attend and enjoy the event. Also the club will be sponsoring several activities at the US Open.  We will man an instructional tent for the Boy Scouts who will be earning an award for water sports.  VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED TO MAN THE TENT.  Please help.  Additionally, the club will be hosting a party on Sunday, May 30 at our house for club members and event participants.  It's a potluck so please call and let me know what you may bring.  Sorry, no shrimp boil, we're planning brisket, beans, and potato salad.  Let's make this a fine welcome for our out-of-town fellow sailors.   Check out the expanded US OPEN page  for additional information and the E.M. Marketing press release.  Don't forget the Whataburger races on May 22nd and May 29th.  Remember we have a fun fleet for those who wish to sail in a more relaxed race.
See you on the water.     --   Chester

Editor's Puffs:  I've just finished editing the mailing list, deleting names of members who are now off the membership roles because they haven't paid their ‘99 dues.  I've talked to several of those folks before I edited them off the mailing list and found they basically fell into two categories: 1-they simply forgot and 2- they perceived the club as too racing oriented.  A year ago I might have agreed with that latter group but not this year.  If you count up the number of ‘real races’ and ‘fun events’  its almost 2 to 1 (6 races, 11 fun events) in favor of the latter.  I counted the Screaming Reach in both categories and might have fudged the count by putting both the Naval Regatta and one hour classic in the fun category but even reversing those decision there are still fewer races than non race events and that didn't include the full moon get togethers.   The upcoming ‘fun event’, the Bird Island Bash, will hopefully become an annual event and holds a lot of promise as a great time.  It can't work if the members don't support it and real support means more than showing up, sailing around awhile, eating the shrimp, and going home.  Help in running the events will make it work better for everyone participating.  Come on out, have a great time, and put in some time helping out while you're at it.  Now I’ll get off the soap box and talk about the first annual Bird Island Bash- it offers something for everyone.
     There will be 10 of the high tech speed watches available for your enjoyment.  The new gizmos are a vast improvement over the original model in that now they will record elapsed time, maximum speed, and distance traveled as well as show continuos speed.  They also attach using a tape mount to the fin (the original model required drilling a hole in the fin's trailing edge).  To use a speed Watch you'll have to sign a form (making you responsible for its return), get an impeller taped to your fin, then go out and sail for either 15 minutes (if the wind is cranking) or 30 minutes (if winds are light), then come back in and get your scores tallied.  You and a friend, or several friends, can sail head to head or you can do it alone- your choice.  We also hope to have a good radar gun set up at the end of a 100 meter ‘speed course’ again your speed will be recorded and you can take many runs at the gun to get up to your best speed.  For those who want to race, there will be slalom course set up with buoys.  Winners of all events will be recognized but all of the prizes will be determined by raffle so even folks as slow as me will have a chance to win something.  We will need some volunteers to get all this tallying done, the more help we have the more sailing time all of us can enjoy- only 50 paying volunteers needed to help eat the shrimp.
‘99 Whataburger II Results 
 (The Screaming Reach)
                    Open Fleet
Name                    Sail NR.    position
Craig Greenslit        WY-5          1 
Peter Nordby           CC-6          2 
Guy Racette         CC-111          3 
Mark Franey         US-483          4 
Elon Wong                  909          5
Chip Ducrest          CC-19          6 
John Cole               CC-19          7 
John Bright               CC-4          8
Name                    Sail NR.    position
Jennifer Racette     CC-111          9 
Nick Antrobus       K-111          10 
Kyle Krebs              459             11

                     Fun Fleet 
Maggie Massey                            1 

Bird's Eye View:
Wind Peaks
  Feb, Mar, & Apr '99
 Spring has been darn near perfect with barely enough off days to rest up from the days it went off.  Business at ‘my office’ has been brisk and some serious new toys arrived this month.  First a Star Boards GO arrived and promptly amazed everyone with its ability to leap onto a plane and obtain notable speed when only long boards were barely able to plane.  While amazing in these abilities, putting that wide body on top of your car will bring on flashbacks to when you were doing the same thing with a Dufor Wing a few decades back.  At 24 pounds the GO is lighter but its 31 inch girth will make you forget its only a few inches over 9 feet long.   After the Texas State Championships Vicki Duncan returned from Dallas with a pair of new BIC Technos.  The Techno is BIC’s entry into the world of wide style and its rapidly becoming a rental favorite at WorldWinds.  At 283 cm in length the 150 liter squatty board is a light to medium wind, user friendly, short board that already has its own "one design" racing class.  Its not a true race board but its wide back end and strap placement make it look like one- that illusion disappears when you jibe it.  The tucked rails make it nearly as easy to jibe as any of BIC’s Veloces and its more than ample width gets it planing quickly in light winds.
     WorldWinds and Cline Street Sailboards have gotten together and are offering the following test drive and/or buy deal:

Try it, then buy it

Try the new BIC Techno 283. WorldWinds offers a $10/hr demo to CWA members which may be applied to purchase of a Techno 283 from Cline St. Sailboards.  Your name must be on the CCWA membership roster to be eligible.

            Feb       Mar       Apr
 1       23mph   26mph   31mph
 2       18mph   32mph   33mph
 3       24mph   37mph   43mph
 4       24mph   37mph   37mph
 5       33mph   26mph   29mph
 6       37mph   24mph   29mph
 7       20mph   30mph   28mph
 8       29mph   40mph   32mph
 9       26mph   26mph   32mph
 10     38mph   25mph   31mph
 11     51mph   24mph   20mph
 12     40mph   32mph   20mph
 13     40mph   38mph   35mph
 14     22mph   33mph   36mph
 15     36mph   22mph   31mph
 16     23mph   38mph   26mph
 17     25mph   41mph   22mph
 18     18mph   31mph   23mph
 19     22mph   21mph   29mph
 20     41mph   29mph   35mph
 21     31mph   22mph   38mph
 22     29mph   25mph   32mph
 23     17mph   29mph   29mph
 24     29mph   28mph   26mph
 25     33mph   27mph   26mph
 26     30mph   26mph   26mph
 27     48mph   40mph   31mph
 28     26mph   78mph   29mph
 29     23mph   22mph       - 
 30          -       21mph   30mph
 31          -       20mph       -
#3  May 22,  Oleander Point.... BE THERE
#4  May 29,  Oleander Point.... & Help Out 

Volunteers Wanted:  The club sponsored events, both races and fun events, need people to help out on and before the events.  This is particularly true for the U.S. Open.  Last year, the CCWA was a sponsor and had a booth at the Open; but we didn't have sufficient help to man the booth throughout the event.  We don't want that to happen again!  Similarly, other events suffered because of a lack of help.  How about volunteering your help this year?  Just phone an event coordinator and offer some help.

Corpus Christi Windsurfing Association Membership Application

Name:______________________________________Phone: (       )______________ 

Family membership, list names of family members:_____________________________________ 

____________________________________E-mail Add:_________________________ 



Please enclose $20 for individual; $30 for family (1 year membership)

Mail To: CCWA,  PO Box 81453, Corpus Christi, TX  78468

Used Gear: Classified ads are free to members, non-members:  $5.00
Please submit the ads by the 25th of the month.
Mail ads to: LooseClu@prodigy.net
'97 Mistral Screamer 268cm excellent condition $550. Masts:  light weight carbon 2 piece masts, 430 & 460 $125 each.  AirX sails:  5.0, 6.0, 6.6, & 7.4 from $75.  Call Dick (361) 949-0232

Funboard:  BIC Astro Rock, 10' with two MultiSails, 4.5-6.0, Maui 5.4 race sail, 2 piece carbon fiber mast, complete with extras.  $2,300 invested $750. Call Chuck (210) 656-7841 evenings only please.

(Chuck is in San Antonio.)
For more web classifieds, check out the Windsurfing Classifieds at "the other CCWA".

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