Site Map:
Conversion Tables   Common conversions useful to the windsurfer--mph to knots, etc.
Links   Links to other interesting and informative sites on the web:
F2 Home   F2 windsurfing boards
Fanatic   Fanatic windsurfing boards
Gulftech   Gulftech booms and masts
ABK   Windsurfing clinics
Windsurfing Directory   The World Windsurfing Directory of many windsurfing sites
WorldWinds   Windsurfing lessons, rentals, and sales at Bird Island Basin
WindsurfWomen   Windsurfing site for women
SPI Windsurfing    South Padre Island Windsurfing
TX Excursions   Windsurfing lessons on Laguna Shores
Zero Gravity Kiteboards   Kiteboards made in Corpus Christi
Intellicast Wind & Weather   Current wind and weather for Corpus Christi
City Info   CC visitor information from the chamber of commerce
City Events   CC happenings from the CC Caller Times newspaper
USWA   US Windsurfing Association
WS Photo Album   A collection of windsurfing photos
CCAF Windsurfing   Home page of Drjibe with basic windsurfing tips, photos, and MIDI music
CC Area Map   Tiger map of the CC area
NOAA  CC, TX   CC weather data including peak and average wind speeds
Lefebvre's   Mark Lefebvre's home page with windsurfing tips, etc.
Windsurfing Moves   Windsurfing tips
SPI Windsurfing   South Padre Island Windsurfing with launch site info., etc.
Austin WS Club   Austin Windsurf Club
WS Sculpture   gallery of windsurfing and other wave sculptures in ceramic for sale
American Windsurfer Magazine
Boards Magazine
Wind Surfing Magazine
Real Wind Sailboards   Custom sailboards
Search Corpus Christi with Corpus Quest   CC search site
Gallery   A collection of windsurfing photos from our area
Background Music   The old sailors' tune "Blow The Man Down" in MIDI file format sequenced by Barry Taylor
Windsurfing Tips   A collection of windsurfing tips from our newsletter
Launch Sites   Map and description of popular launch sites in our area
CC Climate   Information on the climatology of Corpus Christi
Event Schedule   Our schedule of events for the year
US Open   Information on and photo gallery of The US Cellular US Open Windsurfing Regatta
Newsletter, Classifieds, & Membership Information   A condensed version of our monthly newsletter
Shop Info:  Cline St. Sailboards, Wind & Wave, Instruction, Etc.   Information on windsurfing and surfing related shops and businesses in our area
Cartoons   A collection of windsurfing cartoons from our newsletter