Tymin Aviary
Philpot, Kentucky
- Bantam: Buff & Silver Laced
- Black
Modena Pigeon
- White, Black & Bronze Schietti
- Black Gazzi
African Geese
What is Tymin?  In Chinese it means with great clarity. The aviary named "Tymin" is dedicated to the memory of my dad. He passed away on July 22, 2008.  "Tymin" is the name of our family optical store that my dad spent 40+ years of his working life. The aviary is named to honor those memories. 

My passion for the feathered animals started as early as I can remember when my mom bought me pet chicks & ducklings from an old man selling them door to door in 2 huge baskets. Sadly my mom has also passed away. She left us  4 years before my dad.  Mom always warned against my obsessive animal collecting behavior.  I just couldn't settle for a couple pets, I have the need to raise and show them.  She is right that everything in life should be in moderation.  Oh well... At least I keep them clean and healthy.

For now, I am having fun and my backyard sanctuary is where I'd rather be after a long day at work.  You know the cliche, life is about the journey, not the destination. Perhaps one should spend more time climbing corporate ladders rather than building animal habitats in backyard. Life is short indeed. When I go, I know I will have a grin on my face as I have my hobby in raising and showing animals.


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