Band: Metallica
Date: 5/30/94
Location: Buffalo, NY
Venue: Darrien Lake Amphitheater
Sound Quality: A-
Source: Audience
Length: 125 minutes (2 disks)


1.  Ecstacy of Gold
2.  Breadfan
3.  Master of Puppets
4.  Wherever I May Roam
5.  Harvester of Sorrow
6.  Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
7.  The God That Failed
8.  Kill/Ride Medley
9.  For Whom the Bell Tolls
10. Disposable Heroes
11. Seek and Destroy
12. Nothing Else Matters
13. Creeping Death
14. Fade to Black
15. Whiplash
16. Sad But True
17. One
18. Enter Sandman
19. So What!

Comments: First Summer Shit show. Excellant audience audio, very clear, not much crowd noise.

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