Band: Metallica
Date: 6/20/93
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Venue: St. Jakob Football Stadium
Sound Quality: A+
Source: Soundboard Recording
Length: 150 minutes (2 disks)


1.  Ecstacy of Gold
2.  Creeping Death
3.  Harvester of Sorrow
4.  Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
5.  Of Wolf and Man
6.  Wherever I May Roam
7.  The Thing That Should Not Be
8.  The Unforgiven
9.  Disposable Heroes
10. Bass Solo
11. Orion
12. To Live is to Die/Call of Ktulu
13. The Four Horsemen
14. For Whom the Bell Tolls
15. Fade to Black
16. Master of Puppets
17. Seek and Destroy
18. Battery
19. Nothing Else Matters
20. Sad But True
21. Last Caress
22. One
23. Enter Sandman
24. So What!

Comments: Excellent show, you can't find a better soundboard recording, and on top of that the play a somewhat rarity, the best song ever, Disposable Heroes!

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