Band: A Perfect Circle
Date: 7/30/03
Location: Atlanta, GA
Venue: Roxy Theater
Sound: A-
Source: Audience (CSB --> Sony PCM-M1)
Length: 65 minutes (1 disk)


1.  Lullaby
2.  Pet
3.  The Hollow
4.  Magdelena
5.  Weak and Powerless
6.  Orestes
7.  Rose
8.  Thinking of You
9.  The Package
10.  3 Libras
11. Thomas
12. The Outsider
13. The Nurse Who Loved Me
14. Judith

Comments:  Really good show, the taper used excellent equipment.  There are is a good mix of crowd noise and music, good pre-release versions of the Thirteenth Step songs, The Nurse Who Loved Me is different from the version heard on the album.

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