Band: Metallica
Date: 10/5/96
Location: Birmingham, England
Venue: NEC Arena
Sound Quality: A
Source: Audience
Length: 130 minutes (2 disks)


1.  Highway Jam
2.  So What
3.  Creeping Death
4.  Sad But True
5.  Ain't my Bitch
6.  Whiplash
7.  Bleeding Me
8.  King Nothing
9.  One
10. Wasting My Hate
11. Bass Solo
12. Nothing Else Matters
13. Until it Sleeps
14. For Whom the Bell Tolls
15. Wherever I May Roam
16. Fade to Black
17. Kill/Ride Medley
18. Last Caress
19. Master of Puppets
20. Enter Sandman

Comments: Jason sings Whiplash.  One of the best audience recordings I've ever heard, although it is just a typical European Load show.

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