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A Pretty Bitchen' site
By Nick Springer
this is the box where i say what ever the hell i want. you smell like shit
This box is susposed to be where i tell you about me but i really dont give a shit about you so no im going to talk about video games ok mr. Dumbass.            Top Video games

#1 Computers: The Sims 2 + Expantions
PS2: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Computers: SOLDAT
PS2: Starwars Battlefront II
something cool
Ovulation Calender
- a program to generate your personal fertility calender
this is the box next to the box where i say what ever the hell i want.
my second page
cheats for the cheaters who suck
Not a Valid Web Site
another fun site
go here (you will never leave)
my info:
Name: Fooliosis Mitochondria
If you want me to play your stupid game E-mail me
(or IM me) =============================>
AIM: Sleepdeprivedzzz
Heres One Random ASS Page
Dustin Was hEre ^-^
even though the site is half his "-"