Consulting Services

Consulting services are provided by Terry Young, M.Sc., MCNE, MCSE Mcne1.gif (3026 bytes)Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Contact at or
1-613-719-9464 in Ottawa Canada


Terry has conducted hundreds of technical courses for Learning Tree International at locations in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Washington, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Stockholm, and London.

Activity at international sites for Learning Tree International
Conducts the following technical courses Authored the following seminar courses
taught by international instructors


Example Projects

  • Nortel Corporate Headquarters - Confirmed LAN hardware standard.
  • Noranda - Trained LAN administrator.
  • Hayes - Presented alternative direction for the market positioning of the LANstep product.
  • Department of Supply and Services - Specified and tested TCP/IP software standard.
  • Department of Defence - Specified and tested standards for LAN services, SQL server, and mainframe gateway.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs - LAN implementation and administration.
  • Department of Public Works - Specified LAN hardware and software standards.
  • Statistics Canada - Designed tests for census software
  • Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration - Specified standards for computer systems and staffing.
  • Indian Head Tree Nursery - Designed and developed order and inventory control system.
  • Nortel BNR - CAD Software development
  • Orcatech Inc. - Developed documentation
  • Anti-Inflation Board - Managed IT department
  • Ontario Hydro - Designed LAN acceptance test

Web application experience includes;

SharePoint Services
Interactive collaborative web sites; Look at the examples at - Soccer team site   - Genealogy site  - Church site
Active Server Pages
Server-side scripting with ASPs.
Look at the MCSE Study Exams example at
Database Interfacing
Database experience includes DB2, IMS, Access and MS-SQL.
Look at the examples at - Genealogist Directory - Irish Placenames - B&B Directory is hosted by