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New! (January 28, 2006)

I have created a new section on Shatnerverse, the series of books which details the further adventures of Kirk as he is resurrected in the 24th Century following the events of Star Trek Generations. As this section expands, it will also include information from other selected sources such as books and games, and maybe even comics.

On another related note, I may consider revamping my website, change the fonts to a somewhat more eye-pleasing version, and update the details.

If you visit my website, thanks!

Previous news on July 18, 2005.
USS Enterprise NCC-1701
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Welcome to my humble website, dedicated to my favourite topic, Star Trek !

Most of my website is currently under construction, please stay tuned!

My Star Trek website will feature:

- A guide to some of the Star Trek comics published by Marvel Comics and DC Comics!

- Another one of those fan-created Star Trek Encyclopedia, this time including selected entries from some of my favourite Star Trek computer games, as well as from the comics themselves!
(Done! though not the comics part)

- A related chronology to the Star Trek universe, using similar sources of information as mentioned above!

- And lots more, such as special Star Trek topics, and my personal views and opinions on Star Trek.
Some topics are now online!

Welcome to Shatnerverse! (January 28, 2006)

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