November 5, 2001
Welcome to my blog! =) Brand spankin' new, hope you dolls like it. *g*
Ahh, maybe I'll come back when I have something to blog about LOL Talk about interesting life...not. Argh, somebody e-mail me or something LOL Make me feel special. =p

Yay, I finally got to publish my skits via internet! (Hee hee). They may not be the funniest, so what. Still proud! And they're ALL MINE. Yah, well,
Jamie has some too. :S But still. I'm happy.

I can't believe we finished it in a little less than three weeks. Seems like it took longer. Or that it should have taken longer. Well, either way...I'm glad that we finally finished. =) I don't really know what to do with the site now, maybe some suggestions would be helpful. I dunno. Hmm.
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