Sound Problems

So the sound won't work in your game.  How you can get the sound working depends
on which game you are using.  Scroll down the document until you see the game you
are having problems with.

Ped Xing's Quest
run the setup program (called setup.exe).  Be sure to choose your operating
system, playback quality, and enable the sounds.  Then run pedxing.exe.  If sound
still doesn't start, be sure that all other programs that use the soundcard 
(Kazaa, Windows Media player, winamp, etc) are not in use or better yet turned
off.  If it still doesn't work, try restarting windows.  If it still doesn't
work, turn sound off in the setup program.  If you are using windows XP, then you
probably will have problems, but it should work.

Super Sumo Wrestling 2002
If your error is a missing dll file, then the solution is easy.  Just go to
www, and download the vbrun60 dll zip file.  Then unzip
it and run the exe file.  If you have another error and have installed the dll
files, be sure all other sound programs are off.  If it still doesn't work,
restart your computer.  If it still doesn't work, email me at
and I will try to personally help you.

*note WinXP users:  I have had reports that sumo won't work at all in WinXP.