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Raquel's Dachshund Lair and much more...
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Raquel's Dachshund Puppies for Sale
At this site, we sometimes have dachshund puppies for sale, rescued dachshunds and other dogs for adoption, also dachshund stud services and pet sitting available.
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The AKC Dachshund Standard
Reasons To Spay and Neuter Your Dog
Raquel's Requirements to Buy or Adopt a Dog From Us
Dachshund Club of America Code of Ethics
Responsible Breeding Info
Dachshund Males available for stud service
Our Hickory Hill Jonan's Tyler
dachshunds and other dogs for adoption
our precious Blu Boy
Call Gayla at (903)297-6504 about low cost spay/neuters for dogs and cats, pups and kittens!!!
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