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Requirements to buy or adopt one of our dogs or puppies
If you think of yourself as a good pet owner or that you would be one, then our requirements will probably not be  very demanding for you and rather will just be  natural for you  to do what's best for the puppy or dog you are thinking of acquiring to be part of your life.

First of all, a lot of
patience and love.  It must be there because sometimes with a puppy there is lots of trying experiences that can really involve alot of understanding and time.  And especially with a rescue or older dog there can be an adjustment period that will require plenty of patience .. 

We do prefer our dogs to
live their lives in your home as an inside dog that goes outside preferably in a fenced in yard or area for play and bathroom but spends most their time with you and other members of your  family as part of the family.  If you do not have a fenced in area then leash training is the safest option.

We prefer for the puppies and dogs we sell that if you do not plan to breed that it  be
spayed or neutered if not already done because it is the healthiest option for a dog if you do not intend to raise puppies All of our rescues and older dogs we place are usually spayed and neutered before they are placed in homes if they aren't already or other arrangements are made..  We also require if you do intend to breed one acquired from us that you breed responsibly and that you know what is all involved before proceeding to do so..  This is also not just one of our requirements but general advice we offer to anyone considering to breed any dogs. (See reasons to spay and neuter and responsible breeding page)

Of course
medical care will be important.
All of our puppies and dogs are current on all needed vaccinations and heartworm medicine .
It is important to establish a good relationship with a veterinatrian that you are comfortable with from a previous pet or seek advice from other pet owners on a reputable and respected veterinarian to start taking your new arrival to for the healthcare it will need.
If you are acquiring a puppy,  it will more than likely still have puppy vaccinations to get unless already done. We always go ahead and start our pups out with whatever  vaccinations and deworming they need before they leave us and leave with a complete health record of what all has been done and what  will be needed  in the future.  A rabies vaccination is state law in Texas and must be done by a licensed vet at 12 weeks or older and will need to start if not already started  some kind of heartworm preventive it will need to remain on for the rest of it's life. Once the puppy shots are finished, a yearly vet visit is recommended by most vets to monitor over all condition and health.
If you are not willing  or not financially able to be prepared for the sometimes unexpected costs that owning a pet can bring then one of ours is definitlely not for you because we expect all of our potential owners to
keep the puppy or dog up on vaccinations, heartworm medication, proper dental care and an appropriate food that is the right formula for the age of the dog that will promote proper growth and development throughout it's lifetime  and any other things it might need along the way as far as healthcare . Situations can change financially I know and that's why if you are ever not able to upkeep the dog that it be returned to us so we can.  In the long run,  more than likely if you keep the dog healthy you usually do not have to be concerned over unexpected costs like heartworm disease treatment if it is on preventive and the same with other unexpected illnesses or problems if the dog has had current healthcare from the start.

When we sell, adopt , or place one of our puppies or dogs, we require that
if for any reason it does not work out at anytime the dog is in your care, that you please return it to us under any condition.  We do not want to lose track of any of them and always welcome any back to us. 

And that's basically it.  If you have no problem with these requirements and are interested in more information about one of our pups or dogs  then just contact us by phone (903) 660-3056 or email
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