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About Us
We have been raising dachshunds for the past 8 years and are located in Hallsville, Tx.  We moved here from Longview about 2 years  ago and currently live in a log home out in the country with our two children and all of our dogs. 
It all started about 9 years ago when my husband bought me my first dachshund. I have always loved and studied the breed as a child but never had one till my 21st birthday.  What a wonderful experience to own a dachshund!  We later decided we wanted to let him have puppies and went in search of the perfect mate for him.  Little did we know it was the beginning of many wonderful dog experiences to come...
During the time of looking for a female dachshund, I visited several places and met lots of other dog people.  Before I knew what was really happening, I began to acquire other dachshunds along with the females that I wanted to breed that were in bad situations and in need of homes.  We ended up having a litter and then continued to rescue some along the way.  We have never raised puppies to make money and every good breeder knows that if you abide by DCA rules and breed responsibly, usually any money made just goes back into the dogs' care etc.  Also we always take back any of our puppies we produce no matter how old and any rescue we place that doesn't workout.  Before long we had a full blown Doxie haven and also had several other mixed breeds that came into our lives along the way of being so dog oriented.  I began to realize just how rewarding it was to help the other dogs and also still raise an occasional litter for friends and relatives and us..  I have sold and placed many dogs with lots of wonderful people and make lots of friends with people that I consider some of my dearest friends.  People that share the same love of dachshunds along with me. 
I have also acquired some show quality dachshunds that are my absolute pride and joy passions and have shown for the past 3 years.  It has all been such a good experience for us.  Our two daughters have been raised around dogs and absolutely love every single one they encounter.
  As with any love and passion, there can always be heartache too which we have experienced as anyone does that gets close enough to animals when things can go wrong or just that precious life comes to an end it's always devastating.  All and all we have managed to learn from experiences good and bad and keep weathering on for the love of dachshunds and all dogs in general! 
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