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"This code is set forth with the realization that ethics cannot be legislated and that most individuals intend to do what is right.  The purpose of the code is to set forth principles of practice that the DCA Board would like to have its members adhere to as they strive to preserve the quality of the breed.  The code represents the minimum in ethical practices, not rules or laws, and carries no sanctions other than the dictates of one's conscience as he or she strives to promote and protect Dachshunds."

1.  To abide by and uphold the principles of the by-laws of the Dachshund Club of America, Inc. and The American Kennel Club.

2.  To devote myself to the betterment of the breed.

3.  To keep my dogs in healthy condition and in a healthy environment.

4.  To ensure that my dogs are not a nuisance to my neighbors or my community.

5.  To cover by written agreement all stud service terms and keep accurate written records of matings, births, registration, and so forth.

6.  To accept full responsiblity for every dog that I breed.  To sell on a contract that ensures that I am contacted whenever the owner cannot keep a dog at anytime in the dog's life.  To assist in the placement of the dog or accept its return.  As owner of a stud dog, to offer stud services only to those breeders who accept full responsiblity for what they breed.

7.  To under no circumstances, surrender a dog or a puppy to a humane society or shelter.  If the animal is unplaceable because it has a destructive temperament, is seriously injured, terminally ill or it would be inhumane to prolong life, to take responsibility for the euthanizing of the dog.

8.  To refrain form any deceptive or erroneous advertising.

9.  To cover, in writing, all bills of sale with detailed accuracy including:
    a.  Registration/litter papers
    b.  A three generation pedigree
    c.  A complete medical history (record)
    d.  Conditions and terms of sale
    e.  Details on proper feeding and care

10.  To consider issuing limited registration papers, sublject to the rules of the AKC, or withholding papers until proof of spaying or neutering is presented on any dog sold or placed as a companion.

11.  To never supply a Dachshund to pet shops, commercial brokers or dealers, raffles or similar projects.
Dachshund Club of America Rules
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