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Important information on Spaying and neutering

If you own a dog or are thinking of getting one this is  some information on spaying and neutering your dog if  you do not plan on breeding and even if you do....

If you do not ever plan on breeding your dog, neutering your male or spaying your female would be the wisest choice.
Most vets recommend you spay or neuter your dog by 6 months old if you do not plan on raising pups because this is usually the age they are old enough  for the procedure to be done and when most dogs start to mature.  Some male dogs are fertile by this age and can impregnate a female.   also a female can come in "heat" or "season" by this age but usually the average age is 7 months to a year old but it can happen.  If this happens, she could be bred by another male dog and become pregnant.
There is a big advantage to neutering a male dog.
The advice given by most vets for the person who acquires a male puppy that never intends to breed and doesn't want their little boy dog to start raising his leg like most males do is to have him neutered by 6 months of age.  They will tell you if neutered before he starts to raise his leg and mark territory he will more than likely not do this and he will squat to use the bathroom like he did when he was a puppy.  He should continue to use it this way if neutered and  especially if he is the only dog and there is no male competition or females around. From experience I do know once a male is past 7 months old and is around other males and not neutered, he will raise his leg to use the bathroom.  This is a sign of sexual maturity and the marking of territory for other males and females to be aware of him.  A sign of dominance. I do know several people who have neutered males at 6 months with no raising of the leg problems whatsoever..
I know that some people  are against neutering a male dog because they think it will make him less a male or not as aggressive or active . This is not necessarily true and  some may not   realize the risks involved. It can lead to prostate cancer and other possible health problems. Also. not neutering a male dog that isn't bred could result in a very restless and possibly aggressive male dog that could be not as easy to control due to the desire and urge to breed  like his body instructs him to do.  He may even escape the fenced yard or dart out the door if he smells a female in season which could lead to a disastrous breeding of a smaller female who could die having his pups or a dog fight involving other males and of course more unwanted puppies that may not find homes.   He could contract a disease from breeding strays qnd become ill or pass it on to other dogs. .
There is also many advantages to spaying a female dog too. You have probably heard the other expression also often used by some  people that think a female dog should be bred at least once and have one litter before being fixed also.  This is no longer considered best.  The vets now advise to have your female dog to be spayed before she ever even comes inot her first season to reduce the chances of uterine and ovarian cancer to 0% .  Plus you never have to worry about breeding accidents or all that in season blood spotting.. And like the male dogs wanting to be bred, the female in season is just as determined to let nature take its course and may dart out a door or escape a fenced in yard just to get with any male that is old enought to breed and not neutered. Then she may be on her way to having large pups that she can not have that will lead to an expensive c- section or even death if she is left to have them herself.
So, as you can see, this can be the best way to go if you just have acquired or planning to acquire a dog for nothing more than  a loving part of your home and for a companion that you do not ever intend on raising a puppy family with.  It could be what's best for you and your pet... If you are considering breeding your dog though, please see my
responsible breeding page for more information on that subject..
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