05 JSPs
  [A-C] [D-G] [H-L] [M-O] [P-S] [T-Z] [Other] The Prices listed are the original Council selling price and may not represent the current market value.
Council Border Notes Restrictions # made Council Price
Tall Pine          
Tecumseh dk blue Huffman Prairie trader    
  dk blue Birch Cat Skunk troop 1316 200  
  red Birch Cat Skunk fundraiser 300  
Theodore Roosevelt red Captain America staff    
  yellow Fantastic Four adult leaders    
  blue Wolverine junior leaders    
  orange Iron Man troop    
  red Spiderman troop    
  green Incredible Hulk troop    
  blue Thor troop    
  smy Silver Surfer limited edition    
Three Fires          
Three Rivers          
Tidewater blue marlin & biplane, glow in the dark      
  yellow dolphins & fighter jet, glow in the dark      
  red tall ship      
  black city staff    
Trails West gmy     3,000  
Trapper Trails lt yellow Peter Ogden      
(set $50) turquoise Hugh Glass      
  dk brown Miles Goodyear      
  purple Jim Bridger      
  maroon John Colter      
  orange Jim Beckworth      
  lt blue Osborne Russell staff    
  dk blue Osborne Russell, National Staff written on staff    
Tri-State Area          
Tukabatchee Area blue ghost fundraiser   $5.00
Twin Rivers gmy/smy activities senior leadership 50 $75.00
  gmy activities   100 $50.00
  smy activities   100 $50.00
  red activities troop 1,000 $6.00
  green activities troop 1,000 $6.00
  yellow activities troop 1,000 $6.00
  blue activities troop 1,000 $6.00
  salmon activities, error bdr color (should be blue)      
  red/yellow eagle design contingent 300 $15.00
  gmy eagle design spl issue 100 $50.00
  smy eagle design asm issue 100 $50.00
  gmy/smy eagle design sm issue 50 $85.00
Twin Valley          
Utah National Parks          
Ventura County black strength, elephant troop    
  orange strand troop    
  yellow by the sea troop    
  maroon stalwart, polar bear troop    
  lt green santa rosa troop    
  lt brown oxnard troop    
  lt blue sea bound, tall ship troop    
  red sespe troop    
  smy scouter contingent/staff    
Verdugo Hills yellow Hollywood, night sky, full color troop   $5.00
  smy Hollywood, night sky, full color trader   $5.00
  gmy Hollywood, night sky, full color adult   $15.00
  blue Hollywood, night sky, phantom ghost limited edition   $10.00
(set of 5, $100) lt yellow Hollywood, night sky, phantom ghost limited edition   $65.00
(set of 6, $300) black Hollywood, night sky, full ghost limited edition 25 $200.00
Viking blue Paul Bunyan troop    
Voyageurs Area red   troop 1432   $5.00
(set of 4, $16) green   troop 1433   $5.00
  blue   troop 1434   $5.00
  gold   staff   $5.00
(#'d set, $100) red Individually #'d troop 1432 50 $25.00
  green Individually #'d troop 1433 50 $25.00
  blue Individually #'d troop 1434 50 $25.00
  gold Individually #'d staff 50 $25.00
W. D. Boyce red "God Bless he U.S.A." troop 1215   $5.00
  white "God Bless he U.S.A." troop 1216   $5.00
  blue "God Bless he U.S.A." troop 1217   $5.00
  gold "God Bless he U.S.A." staff   $5.00
  gray Scout helping W.D. Boyce trader   $5.00
Wabash Valley          
West Central Florida          
West Tennessee Area blue        
  black Pringles      
Westark Area          
Westchester Putnam          
Western Alaska          
Western Colorado          
Western Los Angeles County gold spacecraft      
  gold airplane      
  gold spacecraft      
  gold space shuttle      
  gold map      
Winnebago black farm   450 $8.00
(set of 5, $35. Smy set of 5, $90 or $150 framed) khaki blackhawks   450 $8.00
white eagles   450 $8.00
  gold corn, ghost   450 $8.00
  orange Grant Wood's American Gothic parody   450 $8.00
  smy farm   50 $18.00
  smy blackhawks   50 $18.00
  smy eagles   50 $18.00
  smy corn, ghost   50 $18.00
  smy Grant Wood's American Gothic parody   50 $18.00
Yankee Clipper          
Yocona Area red   troop 1717    
  gmy   staff    
  gmy   staff    
York-Adams Area white Ghost, Battle of Gettysburg limited edition   $5.00
  green Battle of Gettysburg      
  red Battle of Gettysburg