Instruction : Click the below of each question to see the answers!

(1) What thing has 21 dots?

(2) Why 9 is scared of 7?

(3) What is the most valuable fish?

(4) What is the best fish?

(5) What 'bow' does not have string?

(6) What is the biggest 'ant'?

(7) What room does not have any doors and windows?

(8) What is the biggest room the whole world?

(9) 1+1Ś0 = ?

(10) What goes up when it rains?

(11) What thing has four wheels and flies?

(12) What do you call a deer with no eyes?

(13) What goes "ooo, ooo, ooo"?

(14) Why do firemen wear RED suspenders?

(15) What goes up and don't come down?

Well, how much did you get out of 15?? Hehehe...