Current Status: Open for trade
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Last Update: April 22, 2004
Bootleg Counter: 609

Murphy's Law (Postal Principle):
" Poeple usually get what's coming to them... unless it's been mailed."


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Trading Rules:

  1. I do NOT sell any of my bootlegs. E-mails about selling will go directly to my Trash box.

  2. All discs should be recorded DAO (disc-at-once). I don't want ANY recordings with 2 sec. gaps or sligt ticks.

  3. I am not interested in any discs created from MP3s

  4. Do not write on the discs. I use post-it notes to identify the discs.

  5. I do not mail jewel cases or art work.

  6. SHN trades and online trades are welcome.

  7. I only use Fuji or TDK discs. Please ONLY use high quality discs. I hate Imation.

  8. Make sure you include the  exact date of the concert, when you label it. I don't care about the name of the recording! I am not only trading with YOU. Please be precise ! All I care is the exact date of the concert (Example: 3/25/1977 or March 25th 1977) and the city (Example: Boston). Don't label the CDs you are sending to me by the name of the recording ! Label it by the exact date and the city.

Currently no restrictions at all. I believe the music should be shared. I just don't like what I see with public servers and the reaction of some people to having the music spread rapidly, so I only ask that you please restrict any material you acquire from me to 1:1 trades. I beleive in respecting the taper's wishes. If you don't, you're not welcome here.

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