Ras al Khaima post office was opened on December 21, 1964. Its first set, which was issued at the same day of the opening of the post office, borrowed heavily from the original Trucial States stamps designs.


Like the other emirates, Ras al Khaima start issuing the usual pattern, Churchill, Kennedy, Tokyo Olympic Games, and French president De Gaulle. From the opening of post office in 1964 to the last issued set during the year 1972, Ras al Khaima issued 1036 stamps and 70 souvenir sheets this do not include imperf issues.


On August 1st, 1966, Ras al Khaima post office adopted the new Bahrain currency. The exchange rate of the new currency comparing with the old became: 1 Paise = 1 Fils, 100 Paise (1 Rupee) = 100 Fils. According to that change Ras al Khaima post office overprinted the first difinitive issue, President J. F. Kennedy Commemoration issue, Sir Winston S. Churchill Commemoration, and 100th Anniversary of the International Telecommunications Union issue with the new adopted currency.


During the Independent postal administration seven different cancels were used in Ras al Khaima. When the post office of Ras al Khaima was opened in 1964, two cancels (Type 1 & 2) were introduced. The first two types (Type 1 & 2) read Ras al Khaima as “RAS EL KHAIMAH” before it was corrected in the later types. Two unusual cancels was known used in Ras al Khaima (Type 3 & 4) and they are rare used in covers. The most common type that used in Ras al Khaima is (Type 7) which, is also the only type that continued to be used during the UAE postal administration.


During the UAE postal administration, 13 different cancels were used, that does not include the last Independent postal administration (Type 7), which continued to be used during the UAE postal administration. All types are steel cancels except Type 8 and 19 are made from rubber.


Special Thanks: To Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Bin Shakar, Manager, 4th Postal Zone for his help in this page. Mr. Mohamed Bin Shakar provides me with great information about the postal service in Ras al Khaima during the Independent and UAE postal administration, and introduce me to Mr. Abdulla Bin Shakar, who was the postmaster of Ras al Khaima post office during the Independent Postal Administration.





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