Ras al Khaima Post Offices


The post offices in Ras al Khaima during the Independent postal administration:


  • Ras al Khaimah Central (opened in December 21st, 1964)
  • Jazirah (opened in 1960s)
  • Al Kharran
  • Al Rams (early 1970s)



The post offices in Ras al Khaima during the UAE postal administration are:


  • Ras al Khaimah Central (opened in 1964)
  • Nakheel (opened in 1977)
  • Rams (opened in 1972)
  • Shaim (opened in 1977)
  • Gezira Hamra (opened in 1975)
  • Digdaga (opened in 1985)




Ras al Khaima Central Post Office


Old Digdaga post office





New Digdaga post office (rented post office)





Old Nakeel Post Office





New Nakeel Post Office





Al Rams Post Office





Sham Post Office




Ras al Khaimah Postal Agencies:


There is one postal agency work under the Ras al Khaimah Central Post Office. The postal agency was opened on April 6th, 1987. See UAE postal administration cancel (Type 19).



Idhen Postal Agency (No. 27) in Ras al Khaima


Idhen Postal Agency in Ras al Khaima



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