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The Dartmouth Karate Club was founded by Sensei Jim Maloney in the mid 1970's. The Club was turned over to Louie Hopper until the mid 1990's when he left. Since then Sensei Brian Bailey has operated the Club as the chief instructor. The Dartmouth Club fell within the NAC begun by Sensei George Mattson, founder of Uechi Ryu Karate in North America and Sensei Uechi of Okinawa. Sensei Bailey maintains his relationship with Sensei Mattson through the IUKF.  In the late 1990's a group of Canadian Clubs formed Uechi Canada directly under Sensei Uechi. Sensei Bailey is affiliated with Uechi Canada with the consent of Sensei Mattson..

At any given time the Datmouth Karate Club has between 50 and 100 active members.
What is Uechi Ryu?

Uechiryu has developed from the Chinese piangainoonryu studied by Okinawan  Master Kanbun Uechi (1877-1948) and his son Kanei (1911-1991). It is  carried on by his grandson Kanmie. Uechi Ryu remains a traditional style of Chinese self defence.

Uechi Ryu can best be characterized as a close-in type frontal fighting and is a very effective metheod of self-defense. The backbone of Uechi Ryu is sanchin. Sanchin develops breath control, spiritual concentration, dynamic strength, and powerful movement.

Uechi Ryu has unique hand and foot techniques. Blocks are performed with open hands with faster deflection and controlling grabs. Strikes using the hands are delivered with a closed fist, nukite, or a one knuckle strike known as the "shoken". Kicks are primarily delivered at or below the mid-section using the pointed toe for penetration of the target. The legs are also used for blocking.

The Dartmouth Karate Club practices it's Karate in the traditional manner.
Many of the old drills have been retained.
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