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Yahoo has announced it plans to close Geocities at the end of the Year! I'm currently looking for a new host for the site- stay tuned!

New 08/16/08

Rob Bocchino's FASA Star Trek site
I run a role-playing game (RPG) based on the classic Star Trek (original series and movies) universe.Please contact me at if you are interested in playing in this game.

Boarding Actions
A system for attacking and defending ships and bases! Easy to play! Made for SC II, but easily adaptable for standard FASA STCS! 

Starship Combat II
New system based on the FASA RPG! Perfect for rpg'ers who hate to number crunch! Recreate any combat from any era quickly and easily! Fleet engagements become manageable! Warp combat as it appears on TOS! No calculators! No fractions! 

xonfasa.gif (14786 bytes)
XON - FASA Star Trek Gaming

Providing material for the FASA Star Trek RPGer!  Site has a Fasa Parts List, House Rules, Fasa Catalogs and ADs, Fasa Related Links, and more.
Starship Tactical Combat Simulator Design Consortium
Starship Tactical Combat Simulator Design Consortium
Welcome to the Starship Tactical Combat Simulator Design Consortium.This site is dedicated to FASA Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator. 
The Unofficial FASA Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator Homepage
The Unofficial
FASA Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator Game Homepage
Welcome to The Unofficial FASA Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator Game Homepage. This page is dedicated of the fans and game players of the FASA Star Trek Starship Combat Game.

St_MilUp.gif (11219 bytes)
Star Ship Tactical Combat Simulator - Millennium Update & Archive!
STSSTCSMU&A  Sub-Odeon Bulletin Board
Welcome to the Star Trek Star Ship Tactical Combat Simulator - Millennium Update & Archive! This site started out in 1999 as a humble collection of crude scans and .html pages, but since then it has grown into one of the premiere sites on the Web dedicated to the old FASA Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator. Things have changed a lot since then, thanks in large part to the support, input and encouragement of all the FASA Trek fans who have written in over the last few years. So many of you have supplied me with new material, suggestions, critiques, and compliments, that any introduction to this web page would be incomplete without first mentioning that the STSSTCSMU&A is 100% fan powered. Created by a fan, supported by the fans, totally non-profit and all FUN for the fans. So thank you one and all for what you have contributed, and I look forward to hearing from more of you in years to come.

HSClogo2.gif (8898 bytes)
The Vintage Starship Company
Welcome-This site has been created as I was feeling guilty about hogging too much space on the Yahoo Group with my historical ship designs. The material contained in this site has been compiled by Steve Bacon, with generous assistance from Bryan Jecko, Lee Wood, George Recker Jr, Steve Pugh, Terry Shannon and others at the FASA Star Trek Universe eGroup. Our Mission-To recreate the missing chapters from Star Fleet's past for the FASA Star Trek Ship Combat Tactical Simulator game. 

Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator Phase II 
The Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator Phase II is an update of the FASA system to a Next Generation time frame ruleset. Contained within are all the rules and ship data sheets to bring your game into the 24th century and represents nearly 15 years of playtesting. This product is offered free of charge and is free to distribute.

Battlestations is a new site for the STTCS, with scenarios and optional rules

redoctober.jpg (4360 bytes)
USS Red October NCC 2012
The USS Red October- Explore the Red October's decks! Pictures, news, message boards, links, ship's stats. A good resource for those who play the FASA Starship Tactical Combat Simulator. 

The Eighteen Inch Fly
This site has been created to support play in Star Trek campaign games run and being run in Fort Wayne, Indiana. All campaigns are set in FASA's Star Trek Role Playing Game system, and specifically use the Starship Tactical Combat Simulator (STCS) for tactical engagements. 

St_MltOps.gif (6805 bytes)
Star Trek Military Operations Home Page
What I have been trying to accomplish is to create a database for my players ship the U.S.S. Hastings and to present some optional rules to go along with the FASA rules of Star Trek the Roleplaying Game and the Starship combat.

Starport 17 - The Mirror Campaign Homepage
The Mirror campaign is set in the Alternate Reality seen in the Episodes "Mirror, Mirror", "Crossover" and "Through the Looking Glass". Those episodes are set in 2266, 2370 and 2371 respectively, whilst Mirror is set some 21 years after that in 2392 and follows up upon the Terran resistance movement founded by Benjamin Sisko, now named the Maquis in a parallel of developments in the "regular" Star Trek universe. Note: See also Yahoo! Clubs startrekmirroruniverserpg

Linden's Scenario Site
As you'll have probably guessed, it's devoted to rpg scenarios. Some have appeared previously in fanzines and in the late RPI magazine but for the most part they haven't been published anywhere else. A few were accepted by Challenge magazine before GDW went belly up but never saw the light of day. Having bought a new PC I thought I'd join the electronic self publishing revolution and stick them on a web site. They're all in .rtf format so should be readable by any half decent word processor. All maps are .bmp files and are zipped using Winzip 6.2.

stpfred.jpg (5158 bytes)
PLANET FRED - Star Trek Portal
This is the central resource for all of Planet Fred's Star Trek rpg campaigns. Here you will find links to the individual campaigns' pages, which include information on characters, adventures and house rules. The gaming system used is GURPS by Steve Jackson Games, but we have adopted the ship stats of Last Unicorn Games' Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG (used in conjunction with the space combat system of GURPS Space 3rd Edition). The Portal also contains many Star Trek links, mainly game-related, but there are some general ones.

Welcome to Star Trek RPG
Ahh, it must be home, because here is where Captain Gold originated. The Star Trek Role-Playing Game by FASA was my first role-playing experience and still one of my favorite games. Damocles still runs both a Federation Campaign (currently on hiatus) and a Klingon Campaign; both set during the time of the original Enterprise crew's movies.

Free Trader's Space Station
Welcome Brother Trader to my humble homepage for the independent tramp freighter S.S. Gold Digger in the universe of FASA’s Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (ST:RPG) - Trader Captains & Merchant Princes. I’ve been a big fan of free trader characters and their trusty tramp freighters ever since I discovered science fiction author Andre Norton’s "Solar Queen" novels back when I was a student in elementary school. I’ve also had a fascination with the universe of Star Trek as envisioned by Gene Roddenberry since the show first aired in the mid-1960s. With its advanced starfaring technology and wide variety of different races and exotic planets, Star Trek seemed to me to be the perfect setting for free trader adventurers. 

Star Trek: The Orions
Orion Archive and Database
The FASA material in The Orions was always superior in my judgment, and I wished to use it as the basis of my own additional material. My material consists primarily of additional cultural customs, and clarification on interstellar relations with other races that did not exist materially in the Star Trek genre at the time of The Orions creation, namely the Dominion, and the Cardassians, and to further develop the premise that the Orions as a race would choose to pursue Federation membership.

sb10.jpg (4638 bytes)
Welcome to Starbase 10
Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game, though long out of print, is still the best simulation of life in the Star Fleet ever published. An unofficial adaptation of the game to the GURPS rules has been written. However, the original rules remain one of the best designs I've ever seen. Due to disputes between FASA and Paramount, it is unlikely the game will ever be re-printed.This site is the unofficial home of support for FASA's Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, Last Unicorn Game's Star Trek RolePlaying Game, GURPS: Star Trek and the current incarnation of the Star Trek Roleplaying Game by Decipher.

FASA's Star Trek:The Role Playing Game
In the early 1980s, the game company FASA was granted a license to develop the first role-playing game based on Star Trek. At the time there wasn't much in the way of new Trek; there was a new movie every two or three years, a few novels a year, and not much more. Though FASA's publications were intended as part of a gaming system, many of their publications made for interesting reading, even for people not interested in role-playing.

Star Trek Colony
Star Trek: Colony is a piece of collective storytelling by a group of people in London, England. These pages are the definitive source for background, "episode summaries", and other information. 

RPG Related Sites

mini_maker.jpg (15060 bytes)
Star Trek: Crew Replicator
Welcome to the Crew Replicator - prototype 02. A do-it-yourself miniaature maker for all versions of the Star Trek Roleplaying game or wargames. Here you will find all you need to create 28mm miniatures of most major races in all versions of the TV series Star Trek. From the original 60's series through the movies and right up to the present day series, Enterprise.

oe_oultons.gif (28181 bytes)
Owen E. Oulton's Adventure Gaming in the Star Trek Universe
Welcome to the home page of the Star Trek Universe campaign. The site is currently divided into six parts. Click on a title to view information on the individual campaigns. The Star Trek Universe campaign is a table-top role-playing game using the ICON game system rules published by Last Unicorn Games from 1998 through 2000. 

memoryicon.gif (9541 bytes)
Memory Icon
Memory Icon is the new home for the ICON-system content of the gaming site. All the ICON-related materials have been tranferred and are in the process of being edited to fit the new format. Please bookmark this page and check back for updates.

trekrpg_net.JPG (5721 bytes)
Under New Management and Under Construction!
Hi there! We're currently in the process of moving to a new server as the site is under new management. In the future we will be adding some new software and unveiling the new version of TrekRPGNet. You will find the new site easier to navigate and stay current on the latest information as well as be able to dictate the content you want to see as well as review, search, and submit your own creations. 


Star Trek: Deep Space 12
This Cardassian built Nor class space station is in the long-ago abandoned Terminus star system and is now the only manned gateway between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. What had once been a backwater spacestation has now become a main area of and strategic, commercial and scientific significance as well as a bustling hub of activity, serving as a waypoint station for military, commercial and personal traffic throughout this sector.

epsilon_station.jpg (12089 bytes)
STAR TREK: TEMPEST A FASA Star Trek Play By Email Campaign
The Star Trek: Tempest Campaign uses a modified or shorten Internet capable version of the FASA Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game, 2nd Edition as the foundation for play. Actual face-to-face contact with players and referee or player to player is not possible so many game rules relating to personal participant interaction have been modified, particularly in the areas of personal and ship combat. When appropriate, additional rules and materials are used from the Last Unicorn Games' Star Trek Role-Playing Game series. Of course the StarTrek technical manuals, chronology, and encyclopedia are often referenced to achieve

Denmark.jpg (14028 bytes)
USS Denmark NX 80000
Join the crew of the Denmark class starship in this PBEM adventure. Part of Bravo Fleet, Task Force 93!
As part of SEARCH, the Denmark is often among the first ships to respond to a crisis. Based out of Starbase 99 in orbit around Canterra 2, Task Force 93 is well-situated to respond to crisis in the "outer" regions of the Federation, as well as help our allies, the Klingon Empire. In addition, TF 93 plays a significant role in keeping the Gorn in-check as they become an even more hostile and threatening group

Star Trek Database Links 

ssdb.gif (7428 bytes)
Starship Schematic Database
Welcome to the Starship Schematics page. It's dedicated to the sole purpose of archiving every single starship design ever conceived in the Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, and Space Battleship Yamato (A.K.A. Star Blazers) Universes, both official and unofficial, interesting and mediocre. As far as I know, no such attempt has been made either in print or digital formats to build as complete a collection as I intend to. I am continuously updating vessels from all the different mainstream Trek races and organizations: Tholian, Gorn, Kazon, Maquis, etc, along with the other Sci-Fi genres mentioned above. So keep coming back!

stbanner.gif (9312 bytes)
Star Trek Created by Gene Roddenberry
On September 8, 1966, the world was introduced to an intrepid band of travellers aboard a unlikely space ship named the USS Enterprise.And the world has never been the same. Please join me in paying this tribute to the creator, cast and crew of the original Enterprise.

LCARS: Federation Databank
Welcome to the LCARS Computer Network, home of the LCARS: Federation Databank. This site is best viewed using the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape and a screen resolution of 800x600 and with the Macromedia Flash 4 and RealPlayer plugins.

Pedro's Shiporama
This page is here to provide some hard to find reference pictures of studio models from Star Trek, specifically designed with the modeller in mind (or something like that). The site is divided into sections, each focusing on a specific ship or class. I try to use photographs of each model in natural light, since these tend to be better references than finished effects shots, particularly video captures. I have also made quite a few video captures for the site. Of course, submissions of reference material are gladly accepted :-)

Daystrom Institute Technical Library
On this site you will find details of: 105 Ships,15 Stations, 54 Alien Species, 34 Personnel,10 Major Battles,15 Weapon Systems, 14 Science and Technology Subjects, Over a Century of Trek Uniforms, Fleet Sizes and Composition , Interactive Size Comparison with 143 ships and stations , A timeline spanning fourc enturies, 14 time twisting events, Reviews of EVERY episode and film , All covering a whopping 858 pages. Supported by 1,042 Images, 553 of them purpose-scanned, plus a total of 1,179 dedicated supporting graphics! 

TOS_IZAN.jpg (10407 bytes)
A nice page dedicated to Star Trek TOS, with a extensive and comprehensive listing of the alien races that appeared on the series.

Star Trek Wallpaper Collection
Here 's my collection of Star Trek images that can be used as a desktop wallpaper. Important: Left click on the small image to view the large wallpaper size one. Then, if you're using Netscape or MS Internet Explorer, it's real easy to make that image you current wallpaper: just right click on the large image and choose "Set As Wallpaper".You ca also download the images:Left click on the small image to get to the large wallpaper size one. Then just right click on the large image and choose "Save Image As...".All images are in JPG format (to save download time), so if you don't have a special program to manage your wallpaper, you should convert them (after the download!) to BMP format (and resize them to fit your screen).

Dblfed's Nexus of Star Trek
Greetings to all. If you are looking for Star Trek links, starship images and sounds, and info. , well this site could help. I have created this page in the hopes that it might help anyone who wants to find some of the the better websites related to Star Trek. As well as other sci-fi links. I call my web page a hub of Star Trek or rather a nexus or connection of links and information. My web page is dedicated to all the tv shows and movies. Not focusing on any one particular Star Trek series, movie or character. 

Star Trek Fan Film Sites

exanititle.gif (11354 bytes)
For Jimm and Josh Johnson, the STARSHIP EXETER project began on Christmas Eve 1995 with a question: Could they, in their spare time, and with their extra money, write and film a pilot episode for a new series that would come close to the look and spirit of the original 1960's Star Trek television show? They conducted much research, wrote a number of possible story lines and chose "The Savage Empire" for budgetary reasons. The action sequences were all storyboarded, and they created all the costumes and most of the props from scratch. A warehouse studio space in Minneapolis, Minnesota was rented for two years where Jimm and Josh built sets and shot much of the production. They carefully picked friends and acquaintances to work on a voluntary basis both as actors and crew. Once the live action was completed came the long and tedious task of editing and creating visual effects true to the look of the "Original Series." It took seven years, but on December 19, 2002, STARSHIP EXETER made its internet debut. 

Star Trek: New Voyages
In the 23rd century, space is the Final Frontier.  Join Captain Kirk, Mister Spock, Doctor McCoy and the rest of the crew as year four of the five year mission continues.  Boldly go back to where it all began aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise and travel the stars to worlds as yet unknown, seeking out new life and new civilizations.  THIS is Star Trek - New Voyages.

USS Intrepid
Today, when much of the Federation finds itself recovering from internal strife and external conflict, there are those who still embody the rugged individualism of the early explorers. There are those who still understand the founding purposes and strive to fulfill the vision of Starfleet. There are those who are still out there ...forging a new frontier. 

Terrence Donnelly's Klingon Site
This page holds a series of short animated films that explore the Star Trek world from the viewpoint of the Klingons. As such, they are also in Klingon (with subtitles). The series title is Hov leng: Qo'noS tamey, or Star Trek: the Kronos Files; each episode also has its own title. 


gt468x60.jpg (9889 bytes)
Gaming community, Forums & chat, Directory, Online Flash Gaming and much more...
A really cool forum for all types of games and gamers!

ebay_logo.gif (3190 bytes)
Lots of Fasa Trek stuff up for auction!

doglogo2.jpg (13058 bytes)
Walkin' Cane
Austin "Walkin' Cane" Charanghat possesses the most powerful voice one could hope to hear. His deep, rich blues style emits pure soul and breathes life into the many albums he has appeared on (including two of his own). Outstanding guitar, slide guitar and Dobro skills, in conjunction with these powerhouse vocals and a lot of hootin' and hollerin', have made Austin "Cleveland's favorite frontman." A soul stirring blend of stylistic integrity and originality is his gift to the world.

In Memoriam 
Dave Schneider has decided to close his site...

fasatrek.gif (3260 bytes)
David A Schneider's FASATrek Page
The first edition of FASATrek was a sight to behold: core game book, colorful counters, deck plans, hex map,adventure book... ahh yes! Certainly not as slick and shiny as current RPGs but in the early 1980s it was unique as both a game and fan fiction. Consider that malls and catalogues weren't crammed with truckloads of star trek crap back then. So FASA's game was novel. To quote another web page "...the universe FASA created, far from canon though it may now be, is worth remembering as an intriguing extension of the Star Trek universe at a time when we needed one." I still like FASATrek the best. I never gamed enough to care about design or mechanics. I played FASATrek because it was just plain cool. If you live in central Oklahoma City and you want to play, drop me a line.

stinsv1.jpg (7356 bytes)
Star Trek in Sound and Vision
Extensive page of Star Trek sounds, themes, icons and wallpaper spanning all the genres. Highly recommended.
ST:SV suffered from over extended bandwith problems, and finally was a good resource, I'm gonna miss it

dexter_ashfaq.jpg (12381 bytes)
The Adventures of Captain Dexter and Ashfaq
A cute little Star Trek parody site with their own home movies! Beam aboard for mind throttling action and excitement with Captain Dexter and Mr. Ashfaq! 
If you have a site you'd like to add, or discover a dead link, please e-mail me, see my Contact page.


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