100 Things You Need to Know!

by Hypatia Martínez

from Latin Teen, June 2000

Enrique 1. His full name is Enrique Iglesias Preysler.

2. His birthday is May 8th, 1975.

3. He's a Taurus.

4. He's 24 years old. [He's 26 now!]

5. His father is Latin balladeer, Julio Iglesias.

6. His mother, Isabel Preysler, lives in Madrid. She is a socialite and a journalist.

7. His parents divorced in 1979.

8. He's 6'1".

9. He wears a size 10 shoe.

10. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

11. He has two brothers and three sisters. [He now has 3 brothers and 5 sisters.]

12. He exercises his throat before every concert.

13. He considers himself a songwriter first, a singer second.

14. He donates all the stuffed animals he gets to local hospitals.

15. He is not a morning person.

16. He used to have a crush on Marilyn Monroe.

17. He once burned his dog.

18. He loves to surf.

19. He first idol was Superman.

20. He believes in UFOs.

21. He loves going out dancing.

22. He never carries more than $20 in his pockets.

23. He loves the colors gray, white and black.

24. He has a favorite hat. It's blue.

25. He loves convertibles.

26. He lives in Miami.

27. He was born in Spain but moved to the United States after his grandfather was kidnapped.

28. He loves hamburgers and fries.

29. He doesn't smoke or do drugs.

30. He goes crazy when he nothing to do.

31. He considers himself very sincere.

32. He has had eleven consecutive number one hits in three years.

33. He has sold more than 13 million albums in four years.

34. He won a Grammy.

35. Three Latin American soaps are named after his songs.

36. He began writing songs in his friend's garage at the age of 15.

37. He loves '80s bands like The Police and Dire Straits.

38. He scored a 3-album deal with Fonovisa, an independent LA label.

39. To get his deal, he pretended to be a Colombian named Enrique Martínez.

40. He walks away when friends introduce him as Julio Iglesias' son.

41. He first English television performance ws on the David Letterman Show.

42. He has performed in over 150 arenas all over the world.

43. He hates being called "the other Ricky." (Ricky is a nickname for Enrique. By the way, Ricky Martin's real name is Enrique.)

44. The same writing team that wrote Cher's "Believe," wrote "Bailamos."

45. He loves MTV.

46. He loves practical jokes.

47. A woman's feet are very important to him.

48. You will often find him barefoot.

49. His favorite outfit is usually jeans and a white T-shirt.

50. His first album in Spanish was released on September 25, 1995.

Enrique singing 51. His second album in Spanish was released on January 29, 1997.

52. His third album in Spanish was released on September 1, 1998.

53. His favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark.

54. His favorite actress is Meryl Streep.

55. He loves salad and Spanish lemon. [Actually, it's Spanish melon.]

56. He never wears a watch.

57. Fernán Martínez, Enrique's manager, used to manage Enrique's dad.

58. He prays every night.

59. He studied business administration at Miami University before he dropped out to pursue a singing career.

60. He sleeps with a pillow between his legs.

61. He doesn't wear cologne. He loves the natural smell of the human body.

62. He wears shorts to bed. No PJs for him.

63. He is an avid toothbrusher. He often has to buy a new toothbrush every month.

64. When first starting out, many Latin music critics hated his stubble chin and his habit of wearing jeans and T-shirts on stage.

65. He loves extreme sports.

66. He once collided into a mangrove tree while water-skiing. It took over 40 stitches to close the wound behind his ear. [Wasn't it 39 stitches?]

67. He hates when people judge him without knowing him.

68. His favorite actor is Anthony Hopkins.

69. His favorite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny.

70. He loves reading Ernest Hemmingway.

71. He has watched Disney's Pinnochio too many times to count.

72. He can't get enough sushi, oysters, fried calamari and anything else rubbery.

73. He loves traveling.

74. He has had his best times in Madrid, Miami, Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

75. Christmas is his favorite holiday.

76. He will quit performing when he gets married and has a family.

77. Soccer is one of his biggest loves.

78. He keeps up-to-date by reading magazines.

79. He wants to learn how to fly a plane.

80. His motto is "Try to live happy every day."

81. If Enrique is missing, check your local Burger King or McDonald's.

82. His brother, Julio Jr. is a model-turned-singer.

83. His sister, Chabeli, is a television anchor.

84. He's never met Whitney Houston even though they sing a duet on his latest album.

85. Enrique has another brother that his father won't claim, but singer Javier has been granted the right to use the last name Iglesias.

86. He was voted one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world by People magazine.

87. An anti-Enrique faction has changed the words of "Bailamos" to "Got a Mole."

88. Christina Aguilera is rumored to have a crush on Enrique. Rumors spread after her MTV "What A Girl Wants" Special and during the rehearsal for the duet they sang for the Superbowl this year.

89. Enrique has often fallen during his performances. He considers himself clumsy.

90. He hates being clumped into the Latin Music Explosion. People tend to forget he is from the Mediterranean, not the Caribbean.

91. He doesn't know how to dance salsa.

92. He respects Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin very much.

93. He was the first person to perform in the audience section during the American Music Awards.

94. He dedicated his first album to his nanny, Elvira. She was the only person who knew that he dreamed about becoming a singer.

95. Some of his friends call him Kike.

96. He was a very shy student in school. Girls didn't even know he existed.

97. He has a golden retriever named Grammy.

98. He's never dated the girl in the "Bailamos" video.

99. He got the Wild, Wild West soundtrack deal after Will Smith called him on the phone. They've been good friends ever since.

100. Yes. He's single.

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