The Breeds We Can Disguise
The Breeds We Can Disguise

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All dogs want to be able to go anywhere and everywhere, but unfortunately, some of those guys are just far too big to squish into a bag. If you really want one, give us the dimensions and we'll see what can be designed. For our bags are really meant for dogs 25lbs or under, perhaps slightly more. Below is a list of the breed of dogs that we know for sure can be slipped into our carrier disguises. More will be added as we find them.

*Bichon Frise


*Chinese Crested

*Cocker Spaniel


*English Cocker Spaniel

*English Toy Spaniel

*Fox Terrier

*French Bulldog


*Italian Greyhound

*Japanese Chin

*Lhasa Apsos


*Manchester Terrier

*Miniature Bull Terrier

*Miniature Pinscher

*Miniature Poodle

*Miniature Schnauzer

*Norfolk Terrier






*Scottish Terrier

*Shiba Inu

*Shih Tzu

*Staffordshire Bull Terrier

*Tibetan Spaniel

*Toy Poodle

*Welsh Corgis

*Welsh Terrier

*Yorkshire Terrier

If you have any other breeds to add to our list, please email us at, with breeds in the subject line. Thanks.