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Does your furry friend want to go on adventures with you but due to unapproving security guards and cold hearted people, have to stay home? There are those cute little bags that look like purses but for the most part, they cost an arm and a leg, especially if you want one that's fashionable. Well, now, Undercover Pups have created the solution. We make custom tailored dog carriers that are disguised as cute purses for a reasonable price. You can have them made with specific colors, patterns, pockets, little bows, and oh so much more. The great thing, when you take your pal in a store with you, people will never know. More pictures and prices will be available soon. For requests, email Undercoverpups@gmail.com.

To go see what a few of our bags look like, click the picture below.

Everyone wants an undercover dog, unfortunately, that's not exactly a possibilty. Here are some of the breeds that we specifically cater to. If you are wondering if your pal can get a bag, check to see if they're on the list. If not, write us and ask.

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If you have a question and need an answer fast, perhaps this page will help. If that is not enough, please email us at undercoverpups@gmail.com.

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