Under My Clothes 18

Hi. Welcome to my homepage. I'm a hard-up student who's selling off some of my used-underwear collection to raise some cash. I also get off on the idea of other guys(or girls) using my cum-soaked underwear.

I've got a fairly wide collection, only some of which is featured on here. In addition, I can buy to order. You just email me and tell me what you want, I'll go out and buy it, wear it for a few days, exercise in it, get horny in it, take some pics and then send it off to you.

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At the moment I'm selling boxers, boxer-briefs, briefs, speedos and used football/soccer shorts. I can send them clean or cum-soaked. Basically, anything you want me to do to them, I'll do it. I'm also selling some used jerk-off socks, for 5 each. And I'll send a picture of me wearing/using the underwear/sock with every order. If you want me to cum in it for you then I'll also email you an mpeg of that if you want.

If you want to order anything then please email me at undermyclothes_18@hotmail.com I'm willing to chat about purchases with you too. And if you're into girls underwear rather than guys then email me and I can put you in touch with an 18 year old female friend of mine who's selling off her used underwear too.