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On Sunday the 23rd of June, the Gold Coast Bullrouts, will be hosting the Gold Coast Interclubs Competition. It will be held from 9 am till 5:30 pm at the Miami swimming complex. If you are interested in competing/organising a team please contact one of the following:

                       Email address Bullrouts@hotmail.com   
                       Phone numbers Karl & Melissa Paton (07) 55 201 364
Ian Brown (07) 55 353 058
James Bacon (07) 55 346 582

        This comp promises to be worth the trip with teams from Armidale, Newcastle, Brisbane and Sydney having shown interest. The first deadline for team registration is the 4th of June which is $120 for each team, but after the 4th of June and before the 19th of June the cost will rise to $150 per team. Unfortunately no registrations can be accepted after the 19th June 2002. For all the information please download the following files.  

Note - To download right click and select 'SSave Target As' or to view in your browser simply double click it.

              Competition Invitation GCI2002-Invite.doc All the general information about the comp 
                    Team Registration GCI2002-RegistrationForm.pdf Player details/information sheet
                    Team Membership GCI2002-TeamMembershipForm.pdf Team details and registration