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~*Fan Art*~
Here you'll find various fan arts of anime, real people, and all that jazz.  Just about anything I like, I'll draw eventually.  And if I really like it, I'll draw it over and over and over...
fan art of the japanese band dir en grey:
MSPaint Kaoru
Kaoru Profile <3
Kyo (teh pirate tehehehehe)
Really BAD drawing of Toshiya m(_ _)m
Shinya's (crooked ^^;;; ) head...
Much better drawing of Shinya <33
Zombie Kaoru!!  <3333
fan art of johnny depp:
Johnny with glasses
Johnny as Edward Scissorhands
fan art of tara from panic channel:
so cute XD
Tara <33
fan art of aki from sid:
aki is so pretty *_*  ...this is probably my favorite fanart of mine....
aoi is so cute ^ 3^  and that crown was fun to draw *snort*
fan art of aoi from ayabie: