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~*Original Art*~
Here you will find arts that I have created from my own crazy little mind.  Naturally, I have been influenced by many people, which I hope you can see through my art.
she has a big mouth
he's a bishi
he likes makeups
looks like Kyo ^_^
this man has big arms o.o
music is fun
in color!
somebody give him a hug :C
poor kitty
pretty elfman
it kinda looks like uruha...only it doesn't.
i need a bigger scanner ;-;
I drew a doodle yay!
I must have been in a bad mood that day...
Drunk men are fun to draw~!  8DDD
This is probably my favorite picture that I've ever drawrn.  :D
Gothic Lolita is so much fun....<3
It's a boy.  u_u  And it kinda looks like mix b/t Saga and Aoi.   >_>;;;