4/4 - played at the finals at the Comet battle of the bands.

4/2 - played at the Comet battle of the bands.

3/28 - played in seattle with Second Hand.

2/29 - played in Newport with Crashing Through.

12/31 - played New Years Eve show with United Effect, Corporate Release, and Terry Lourey. 
            also featured on local 94.5 the same night.

10/31 - played at Tri-County Church.

9/26 - played at the semi-finals for the CMTS at Con Dios.
Unduhn wins 3rd place out of 25 bands at The Comet Battle of the Bands!!
4/17 - played at the grand opening of the Hilyard skatepark w United Effect, Peace without Silence, Mr. Gemini, Manifest, and others.
5/15 - played at WRC all nighter. it rok'd.
5/27 - we played with bleach and footshod at the detour. they ended up having to use our equipment...we got pics too, they should be up soon. the crowd was nuts. if you were there you'd agree. it was an awesome show.
5/28 - played with bleach again for the first time...ha ha get it? again for the first time? anyway, it was advertised as "in seattle" but ended up being in puyallup at the liberty theatre. i think the other band was called E.W.I....? needless to say bleach rocked out. it sucks they're breaking up.
6/4 - played with second hand again at pop synergy. they're a really fun band in the same vein as five iron frenzy. if you get a chance, you should check em out.
6/5 - played at the comet again. Good Times.
6/6 - played the comet, and got second place in the BOTB....this guy named chris heckled us the whole time and told us afterward that he hated our music because we were'nt slayer enough. then he hit on jt's sister bekah. it was pretty funny.
7/2 - played the BOB at the Club Soda. It was a lot of fun and we had a good time. A lot of rock.
7/10 - played an awesome show at the detour with some heavier bands. exit zero, benign and optimus prime put on a killer show.  we should be doing more shows with exit zero. they were really cool to us and they all bought cd's.
8/7 We played at Living Hope church for an all day youth event. Dear Jane, Catalyst, and their praise team tore it up. It was a lot of fun. The Comet was cancelled, oh well.
8/28 Played at Crosswind Church, next to Cat Tales. Met some cool people in Extreme Thirst and the awesome Aaron Richner band.
10/21 Played at the Big Dipper, which is now my favorite venuue to play at. It was totally awesome!
10/23 The 2nd W.R.C. all nighter. Rocked a lightbulb right out the ceiling! Thanks to everyone who came out. It was so much fun!!
10/31 unduhn's anniversary show. we played to a crowd gone mad. we'll definltely play at the spokane dream center again. 11/01 we did a radio interview with Jackie Brown on 93 zoo fm. for those of you who missed it we'll soon put it up on our Pure Volume site, we had a great time.
11/6 played the Spike Coffee House downtown,  with Character Flaw, Mercy Lewis, and Apathy. Thanks everybody  for supporting the rock!!
11/20 Played a sweet show with In The Way and Seaweed Jack at Fat Tuesday's. Fat Tuesday's is our new favorite venue! It rocked!
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