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Gundam Wing Top 3

I. The Final Victor II. Heero Rage III. Barge Destroyed

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Introduction: Gundam Wing Top 3. A little collection of what we at The Unforgiven Saiyan consider some of the best scenes of Gundam Wing. As the future progresses and we get more chances to use the capture card. We will add on to are little collection.

All clips  are zipped. You will need Real Player and preferably an mpeg player for the number 1 clip.

  1. The Final Victor: Here it is the climax of Gundam Wing. We decided that since this is our number 1 clip. To give it more of a higher quality then that of the rest. Thus the quality goes 320 x 240. In HIGH quality MPEG!

  2. Heero Rage: The Sanc Kingdom is gone. Nobody has any more reason to fight for it. Heero has lost his will and therefore succumbs to the possessive abilities of the Epyon's Zero System. "Captain there is still a mobile suit continuing to retaliate in the mountains."

  3. Barge Destroyed: The longest scene of our Top Three. We agreed that this was the best for the 3rd place because of its sheer abilities an emotions. Three Gundams, Four Gundam Pilots, a friendship, a battle between the White Fang and Romifeller, & last but not least the destruction of the space fortress Barge.


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