Welcome to the Universal Alliance Clan Site!
About the clan:
It was April 21st, 2000, when a Star Trek Armada (a RTS game with a small community) player named Lovok was talking over the phone with his friend Gandalf. On that day, it was decided that these two people, who knew nothing about running/making/anything about a clan, created one called the Universal Alliance. It was built in the hopes that its members would be cunning, kind, and respectful. *UA* members enjoy the benefit of having fun, while being a sharp competitor to any clan or player out there. And, two and a half years later,  we have fully realized that our goal was a total success. *UA* is a small, and "elite" clan. Elite meaning small, yet potent. Our members are not only recruited for skill, but also for kindness and respect towards others. *UA* rose to the top in Armada 1, and we plan on doing so again for the current game, WarCraft 3. I invite all reading this to get to know *UA* members. They are some of the kindest, and most fun people to battle with, and to know. We are out for comradery between clans (and rouges), and competitive (and "fun") gameplay.

Our members posess many skills that aid us on and off the battlefield. Some work on the site, some work on the message boards, while others take it to the battlefield to attempt to become the best.  Every *UA* member has at least one of these types of skills that contributes to the clan. That is why every member is special, unique, and is worth getting to know. Welcome, to the Universal Alliance!

About this site:

This site was created by *UA* Lovok.
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