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this page is always under construction

I currently have 30 new figures to offer for sale! Keep watching for more updates. I'll be taking pictures this weekend and posting the new figures during next week. Here are some of the new items I have ready.

NEW! $200 Star Wars Custom Female Mandolorian figure image 1, image 2

All the armor is custom casted in resin and painted metalic chrome--belts are made of real leather. Great 12" custom figure that is One-Of-A-Kind. I've been told that her hair looks a bit freaky but I did it this way because she's an alien! I wanted an OFF WORLD look with this bounty hunter. She has some dangerous weapons . She will come with a stand--figure is made of durable plastic and has over 20 points of articulation. Removable helmet with antenna.

NEW! $200 Obie Wan Kenobie EP IV A New Hope image1, image2, image2, image4

Belt is custom made of leather--jedi cloak was hand sewn for a perfect fit for this figure--Spectacular head sculpt that was hand painted and sealed. One of a kind figure and resides in my personal collection.

NEW! Luke Skywalker in Jedi Gear with custom head sculpt -- EP !V Return of the Jediimage1, image2, image2, image4
NEW! Luke Skywalker in Bespin Gear --custom head sculpt --leather hand made belt-- EP IV image1, image2, image2, image4
New! $100 Luke Skywalker in X-Wing fighter
$80 Nick Cage "Windtalkers" pic 1, pic 2, pic 3
$90 Nick Cage "National Treasure"
$150 Nick Cage "The Rock"--PICS COMING SOON
$150 Indiana Jones "Last Crusade" with a ton of accessories--PICS COMING SOON
$200 Arnold as "Terminator" this is the ULTIMATE ARNOLD! Leather Harley Davidson jacket, black leather pants and some BIG GUNS! Custom casted, hand painted head. This may be the last Arnold I'll be doing for a while. PICS COMING SOON


SOLD $75 John Wayne in "THE SANDS OF IWA JIMA"
--SOLD--ACW Louisiana Tiger image1, image 2, image 3
SOLD $170 Clint Eastwood "For a few dollars more" IMAGE1, IMAGE2, IMAGE3, IMAGE4
--Sold-- Napoleon Guard with full parade dress
Sold $150 Arnold as "Terminator" pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5, pic6, pic7 , pic8
Sold $140 Indiana Jones in the Well of Souls pic1, pic2, pic3
SOLD $175 John Wayne in Western clothing pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5, pic6



Harrison Ford "Indiana Jones-Raiders of the lost Arc"--PICS COMING SOON
Dr.Jones with bag and umbrella--PICS COMING SOON
SOLD Indiana Jones "Temple of Doom"
SOLD $160 Young Indiana Jones--River Phoenix in scout unfiorm and Coranado cross--PICS COMING SOON

Breast Plates are $40 a pair


Gold Connectors with Gold belts $25 a pair--also available in silver belts. (red trim by request)


Breast Plates and Connectors $60


Plates displayed on Figure

Bobba Fett or Jango Fett Helmet $10 unpainted + shipping ANTENNA(not pictured) is also included

Russell Crowe $10(unpainted) + shipping


Bruce Willis: $30(painted)


Mary P Lacour

200 Open Meadows Blvd

Lafayette, LA 70506

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