This is a 12inch figure (GI Joe sized) made to resemble the character T-800 the TERMINATOR. The resin head sculpt was made by Lonnie at Frontline. The quality of his casts are superior and bubble free. The head was painted with several coats of oil paints and then sealed to protect the paint. The custom painted head is mounted onto a fully articulated BBI body (I chose this figure because of it's beefy size and extra tall height). Any fan of James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzeneger, or the Terminator movies would love this figure.

Also please check out my other auctions for some other items you may find interesting if you are a collector of unique items. I also have a custom Sarah Conner figure--Linda Hamiliton--offered in a seperate auction--she is pictured below.

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T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) was programed to protect John and Sarah conner from machines sent from the future.

Check out his equipment and clothing--just like in the movies. I don't recall ever seeing any other figure like this offered before. I have seen some models but those are unarticulated. Truly a unique offering--don't miss out--you may not see another like this for a long time.